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13 Best Vegetables For Vertical Planters

by Marry Dell

If you are short of space, don’t worry! It’s time to start your vertical vegetable garden by growing some of the 13 Best Vegetables For Vertical Planters. They are a great solution for growing more food in small spaces. Also, they do well when trained on trellises, arbors, pergolas, fences, and towers, thereby taking advantage of upright, aerial space. These veggies are productive too!
13 Best Vegetables For Vertical Planters
Growing these vining vegetables over arches and trellises will add beautiful detail to your garden while also providing food for your home. That is the reason why even when you live in an apartment or in a place where you don’t have a garden, don’t let your lack of a large garden space deter you from growing fresh vegetables, you still have your own garden.

#1 Pumpkin

Source: Rediscover

Pumpkins can grow well vertically in containers with DIY sturdy poles, and tepee trellis. Also, it loves growing in moist soil and sunny spot.

#2 Malabar Spinach

Source: Mumbaifarmer

Malabar Spinach grows happily in vertical planters just with ire trellis or a structure to support the vines.

#3 Winter Squash

Source: Ruralsprout

There are some types of Winter Squash like Hubbard, Acorn, and Butternut squash, all grow well in vertical methods, this also helps your crops free from pest and disease problems.

#4 Nasturtiums

Source: Horticulture

Nasturtiums produce edible flowers and leaves. You can grow this plant vertically easily on containers.

#5 Lettuce

Source: Growlode

Lettuce adapts well to vertical planters in small spaces such as ladder planters, floating shelves, and towers.

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#6 Zucchini

Source: Agrotonomy

Growing this vegetable vertically will help its leaves from touching the ground, this avoids to any fungal or pest infestation for healthy growth.

#7 Cucumbers

Source: Veggiegardener

Cucumbers are compact, long-vining vegetables for pots and containers.

#8 Ivy Gourd

Source: Seedsofindia

Ivy Gourd grows optimally when grown in vertical planters with supports. You can use wire trellis, chicken wires, bamboo stakes, or wooden poles for its happy growth.

#9 Runner Beans

Source: Verticalveg

Runner Beans are productive vegetables, they grow well even if in small spaces. It requires full sun and fertile soil.

#10 Hops

Source: Old-town-brewery

Hops thrive in vertical planters, take over a fence or trellis, and can reach 10-15 feet long.

#11 Climbing Tomatoes

Source: Pinterest

Climbing Tomatoes can do well in the shortest space when grown upward on a trellis or stake.

#12 Bitter Melon

Source: Freepik

Bitter Melon belongs to the gourd family and is from South-East Asia. The taste of this vegetable is unique with crunchy and bitter flavor.

#13 Peas

Source: Littleyellowwheelbarrow

Peas can grow well in a farm fence or chicken wire, they grow quickly and don’t need constant attention.

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