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16 Astonishing DIY Cactus And Succulent Dish Gardens For Botanical Bliss

by Joyce

In the realm of indoor gardening, there is a captivating world filled with spiky elegance and low-maintenance allure. Cacti and succulents, with their unique shapes and remarkable resilience, have taken the gardening world by storm. These desert-dwelling plants require minimal care and offer endless possibilities for creating stunning displays that bring a touch of the exotic into our homes. Today, we embark on a creative journey through 16 amazing DIY cactus and succulent dish garden ideas that will transport you to a miniature oasis of botanical splendor.

Join us as we delve into the realm of these extraordinary plants and explore the art of crafting enchanting dish gardens. From whimsical arrangements bursting with vibrant colors to serene landscapes adorned with elegant spines, each DIY project will inspire you to unleash your creativity and transform ordinary containers into miniature desert paradises. Let your imagination run wild and let the charm of these remarkable plants transform your home into a haven of natural beauty and serenity.

#1. Mini Desert Oasis

Source: Etsy

Create a miniature desert landscape using various types of cacti, succulents, and decorative rocks. Arrange them in a shallow dish or terrarium, or a glass for a striking centerpiece.

#2. Vertical Wall Garden

Source: Dalla Vita

Construct a vertical garden using available materials like wooden frames or repurposed pallets, or a brand-new construction. Plant a variety of cacti and succulents in pockets of soil to achieve a vibrant, space-saving display.

#3. Vintage Teacup Collection

Source: Tilly’s Nest

Repurpose vintage teacups and saucers by planting small cacti and succulents in them. Display them on a tray or shelf for a charming and whimsical touch.

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#4. Hanging Terrariums

Source: Newport Florist

Fill glass orbs or hanging terrarium containers with an assortment of small cacti and trailing succulents. Hang them near windows or in well-lit areas to create a captivating visual.

#5. Colorful Container Mix

Source: Gardenia.net

Choose a collection of vibrant, colorful containers and plant a variety of cacti and succulents in each one. Group them together to create a visually striking arrangement.

#6. Shell and Succulent Garden

Source: Debra Lee Baldwin

Fill large seashells or conch shells with a mixture of succulents and small stones. Arrange them on a sandy base for a beach-inspired display.

#7. Rustic Wooden Box

Source: Star Succulent Nursery

Repurpose a wooden crate or box by lining it with plastic and filling it with a mixture of cacti and succulents. Add decorative moss or pebbles for added charm.

#8. Terracotta Pot Tower

Source: YouTube

Stack terracotta pots of varying sizes, with each pot housing a different cactus or succulent. Assemble them from largest to smallest, creating an eye-catching tower of greenery.

#9. Glass Terrarium Garden

Source: Gardens Illustrated

Utilize a glass terrarium container to create a self-contained ecosystem for your cacti and succulents. Add rocks, sand, and moss to enhance the natural appeal.

#10. Wagon Wheel Planter

Source: Reddit

Place a small wagon wheel on a stand or lean it against a wall. Attach small pots filled with cacti and succulents to the spokes of the wheel for a unique and rustic garden display.

#11. Succulent Sphere

Source: Gardening Know How

Create a spherical arrangement by attaching succulent cuttings to a foam or wire frame. Hang it outdoors or display it on a tabletop for an eye-catching centerpiece.

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#12. Fairy Garden

Source: Natalie Linda

Incorporate miniature fairy figurines, tiny furniture, and whimsical decorations into a dish garden filled with cacti and succulents. Transform it into a magical world of enchantment.

#13. Rock Garden Display

Source: Simply Succulents

Arrange an assortment of cacti and succulents on a bed of decorative rocks, pebbles, or gravel. Use different textures and heights to create an intriguing focal point.

#14. Repurposed Birdcage

Source: Hoe and Shovel

Convert an old birdcage into a stunning display by filling it with a variety of cacti and succulents. Hang it or place it on a table for a unique conversation starter.

#15. Tiered Succulent Strings

Source: Succulent Artworks

Stack different-sized planters or shallow dishes to create a tiered string. Plant a mix of cacti and succulents on each level, with trailing plants cascading down the sides.

#16. Wagon Succulent Planter

Source: Radio Flyer

Creating a wagon succulent planter is a wonderful way to add a touch of rustic charm to your garden or patio. Choose a small wagon or wooden crate that suits your desired aesthetic. It can be a vintage-style wagon or a simple rustic crate.

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