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16 Ways To Rock Female Tattoos On Dark Skin Tones

by Navy

Tattoos are a very wonderful way to express your own personality. With dark skin tones, some people use tattoos as a form of character rebellion, some like tattooing because of their preference for art.


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It is often said that colored tattoos are not suitable for dark skin. But that’s not entirely true. For darker skin tones, this means that the color is more likely to fade than lighter skin tones, but not at all. If you know how to choose colors as well as mix colors. You can completely tattoo the color on dark skin perfectly. It also depends on the technique of the tattoo artist.

If you have dark skin tones, let’s choose large tattoos, as they are much more attractive than smaller and minimalistic ones.

Black, white and gray are the colors that most people use to tattoo. They are easy to mix together and reflect different images. Here are the common ones that are outstanding and create a big impact catching others’ eyes.


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Flowers show the positive attitude towards the life. Blooming as each flower branch, you can shine your light up!


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More specific with roses,  the romance appears in your soul. A large tattoo on your arms or other parts of your body will make people impressed.


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How about tattooing your own image on your self? Your body, your character, your choice.


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A lovely quote is also another idea for you to consider. It presents your voice to different topics in life.

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Another image of your self-image.


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Quotes, sayings, and inspirations will remind you about motivation to move on, regardless of obstacles you are having to deal with.


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Another suggestion of quote tattoo!


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A date that you never forget will be along with an memorable image.


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There are many kinds of flowers. Be free to choose your most suitable one!


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A large tattoo image on your bright short hair will be an amazing choice that differs you and the others among the crowd.


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If you have pets, you can tattoo them to always remember about your best friends at home!


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Do you have a role model or a favorite character through movies? Tattooing is a way to portray them detailedly.


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Another image of flowers and branches. It takes you to fall deeply in the love of nature.


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Have you ever known about Greek mythology? Medusa and some figures will be a creative and energetic way for tattooing.


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Love cartoon? Throwback time when being a kid, enjoy the show and play with colors!

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