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19 Amazing Backyard Light Ideas

by Marry Dell

Whether your outdoor spaces are small or large, the addition of some lights can turn your garden into a cozy oasis year-round. If you’re looking for warm-weather ideas, here are 19 Amazing Backyard Light Ideas to liven up your boring garden a perfect place as well as enjoy in the evening. Keep scrolling to find the whimsical outdoor lighting that suits your fancy.
19 Amazing Backyard Light Ideas
From bulbs and string lights to old items around your home such as pallets, and mason jars, all are unique and have their own distinct charm. They are simple, classy chic, and rustic that can spotlight focal points such as trees and planting and help to zone different areas for relaxing, al fresco cooking, or gathering for drinks. You also use them to decorate for occasions like Christmas, and Thanksgiving or party lights to connect with all members of your family as well as your friends.

#1 Pallet Light

Source: Delish

#2 DIY Watering Can Fairy Lights

Source: Lights

#3 Dry Branch Pot Light

Source: Deborahsilver

#4 Vining Plants With Lights

Source: Charmydecor

#5 Make Giant Christmas Light Balls

Source: Hgvt

#6 Outdoor Chandelier!

Source: Creativeartseatables

#7 Mushroom Light Outdoor

Source: Etsy

#8 Mason Jar Lights

Source: Aprettyhappyhome

#9 Backyard Hammock Oasis Escape

Source: Inspirationformoms

#10 Old Ladder Lights

Source: Thedesigntwins

#11 A Long String Light For Pathway

Source: Lavorist

#12 Backyard Garden Landscape Lighting

Source: Shopterrain

#13 DIY Waterdrop Solar Garden Lights

Source: Thenavagepatch

#14 Light Up Your Fence!

Source: Etsy

#15 Fireplace Patio Lights

Source: Pinterest

#16 Hang Patio Lights

Source: Christmaslightsetc

#17 DIY Garden Posts for String Lights

Source: Cedarandstonefarmhouse

#18 Tree Lights!

Source: Hondellighting

#19 Wine Barrel Lights

Source: Pinterest

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