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20 Meaningful Capricorn Tattoos To Express Your Personality

by Ruby

As the Sagittarius season ends and the Capricorn horns appear, it’s time to embrace the sea goat in all its glory. That is, you should get a Capricorn-inspired tattoo. Like…immediately. This astrological sign is all about being goal-oriented, organized, and a total hustler. You’re also in good company (think: Kate Middleton, Blue Ivy Carter, and Timothee Chalamet, aka multi-faceted dreamers who basically rule the world). You Cappys are game changers and innovators with a golden heart. While you may not feel Saturn’s governing pull (your ruling planet and a very cool planetary aspect to have) on a daily basis, it is strong enough to push your efforts into overdrive if necessary.

Because you already set the bar for world leaders (Michelle Obama is also a Capricorn), why not get a cool tattoo (like some hand ink or an underboob tattoo) to remind yourself how driven and ambitious your sign is? Since you asked, here are 41 of the most beautiful Capricorn tattoos, ranging from rooted trees that represent your grounded nature to one that literally says “discipline.”

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Pisces And Capricorn Tattoo

Believing in the magic of the zodiac signs does not at all make you a superstitious person. On the other hand, many couples enjoy having tattoos of each other or themselves done in a similar style on their bodies. This is a brilliant idea, as you will not need to be worried about erasing it when you two, unfortunately, break up.Pisces And Capricorn Tattoo

Capricorn And Cancer Tattoo

This is another way of celebrating the relationship that you two both share. By combining the zodiac signs of you and your lover, you two are contemporarily officially inseparable.Capricorn And Cancer Tattoo

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Capricorn And Scorpio Tattoos Together

Aside from the hand, the belly is also a great choice.Capricorn And Scorpio Tattoos Together

Capricorn And Sagittarius Tattoo

Split one tattoo into two halves, and each will be carried by the other.Capricorn And Sagittarius Tattoo

Capricorn Neck Tattoo

The neck is also a good part of your body to rock these tattoos. It is edgy, though you may not be able to see what it looks like after a few years.Capricorn Neck Tattoo

Capricorn Hand Tattoo

As aforementioned, Capricorn’s ruling planet is Saturn. If you want to express yourself in a more complicated or delicate way, this is a good indirect declaration.Capricorn Hand Tattoo

Capricorn Minimalist Tattoo

By simplifying the design, you will get this very cool minimal capricorn tattoo.Capricorn Minimalist Tattoo

Capricorn Sleeve Tattoo

You can flaunt it on the upper part of your hand, making it visible to onlookers.Capricorn Sleeve Tattoo

Capricorn Back Tattoos

I love this one. It has a medieval look.Capricorn Back Tattoos

Capricorn Arm Tattoo

Many people usually mistake a Capricorn for an Aries. Thus, you can make it clearer by adding the constellation.Capricorn Arm Tattoo

Capricorn Head Tattoo

Our Capricorn goddess, the one that we worship, can never be more beautiful than this.Capricorn Head Tattoo

Capricorn Skull Tattoo

Try reading this: Skulls can symbolize overcoming difficult challenges, even overcoming death. They can symbolize strength and power, and offer the wearer protection. They can symbolize the death of an old life, a past that has been defeated, and a change for the better that has occurred. If this represents your life maxim, then you can totally integrate your zodiac sign with a skull.Capricorn Skull Tattoo

Capricorn Flower Tattoo

Adding some stylized flowers will make your tattoo much more alluring.Capricorn Flower Tattoo

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Constellation Capricorn Tattoo

Beside the Capricorn symbol and character, the star constellation is another good way to prove that you are one of the Cappys. You can just tattoo the stars or add in a blurry shadow like the one above.Constellation Capricorn Tattoo

Taurus And Capricorn Love Tattoo

A very smart creation.Taurus And Capricorn Love Tattoo

Capricorn And Leo Tattoo

Who has a Leo lover?Capricorn And Leo Tattoo

Libra And Capricorn Tattoo

This couple Libra-Capricorn tattoo is very delicate, good enough for both boys and girls.Libra And Capricorn Tattoo

Capricorn Arrow Tattoo

Many of the Cappys love to get a Capricorn arrow tattoo, too.Capricorn Arrow Tattoo

Capricorn Mermaid Tattoo

You can go for a whole goddess figure like this one.Capricorn Mermaid Tattoo

Capricorn Logo Tattoo

This simple Capricorn logo and its leaves are cute enough. You can also have it drawn on your finger.Capricorn Logo Tattoo What do you think about this collection? Fabulous? Cool? The thing I love the most about this body art concept is that it is totally tailored to each individual’s taste and personality. Hence, if you want to show people who you are at first glance, this may be your solution.

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