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25 Appealing Low-maintenance Landscaping Ideas

by Marry Dell

There is nothing better than owning a beautiful landscape that attracts all eyes, right? If your house has a yard/garden, don’t leave it empty or like a shed. However, not everyone has the time or space to maintain one for some reason. For example, you live in a place with extreme weather where plants don’t grow well, or your work requires a lot of travel, which doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a garden of some kind. Let’s decorate your garden with these low-maintenance landscaping ideas.
25 Appealing Low-maintenance Landscaping Ideas
A well-designed landscape not only helps highlight the beauty and architectural features of a house but also raises a home’s value by improving curb appeal. Building a no water or low-water garden will be a great option because it is easy to build and maintain, and it is becoming popular in recent years. Smart use of rocks can turn your outdoor space into a dreamy oasis. Moreover, appropriate succulents or tough plants will additionally add a focal point of colors to your garden scenery.

#1 Spilled Pot River Rock Landscaping Idea

Source: Definebottle

#2 Green Liquid Is Pouring Into Stone Garden

Source: Pinterest

#3 Dry River Bed Landscaping Idea

Source: Anestwithayard

#4 Rock Garden By The Wall

Source: Solteirasnoivascasadas

#5 Perfect Look!

Source: Margogardenproducts

#6 Small Rock Cactus Garden

Source: Martha DePoorter

#7 A Dry Creek Bed For The Corner Of The Garden

Source: Carex.tumblr

#8 A Rock Garden Border With Lavender Flowers

Source: Tumblr

#9 A Rock Succulent Garden

Source: Decorfacil

#10 A Rock Cactus Garden

Source: Thecreativityexchange

#11 DIY Cement Balls On Rock Garden

Source: Uncookiecutter

#12 A Rock Lavender Garden With Mulch

Source: Lavorist

#13 A Rock Garden With Ground Cover Plants

Source: Quietnature

#14 Landscaping with Rocks

Source: Thecreativityexchange

#15 A Rock Garden With Colorful Flowers Under The Shade Of Tall Tree

Source: Archzine

#16 A Colorful Succulent Garden

Source: Tumblr

#17 A Rock Garden With Desert Inspiration For Front Yard

Source: Rcpblock

#18 A Simple Rock Garden With Hardy Outdoor Plants

Source: Gardeningsoul

#19 A Simple Rock Garden With Drought-tolerant Plants

Source: Farmfoodfamily

#20 Stunning Rock Garden and Add A Small Water Feature

Source: Hgtv

#21 A Backyard Dry Creek River With And green Plant Growing On Mulch

Source: Digsdigs

#22 A Flower Bed With Stone Mulch And Wood Border

Source: Alexander-francis

#23 Choose Plants that Thrive in Sunny Areas And Sandy Soil

Source: Homeispossiblenv

#24 Spilled Clay Pot Idea On Rock garden And Grow Some Succulents

Source: Mydesiredhome

#25 Succulent Idea For Your Front Garden

Source: Farmfoodfamily

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