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28 Creative Small Indoor Gardens For Home Decor

by Marry Dell

Small indoor gardens are a really simple addition able to transform your interior decor. Check out 28 Creative Small Indoor Gardens in different ways and shapes to bring natural beauty to your living space. No need for a large garden, patio, or porch, there are many ways to create some lush indoor gardens right in the home. If you are looking for ideas to brighten up your house, try doing some ideas below!
28 Creative Small Indoor Gardens For Home Decor
These gardens are easy to make and will become a nice addition to your house. They not only add value to your indoor area but also give you a fresh look for seeing the plants grows healthily. Of course, you can totally make some, and place them anywhere you want such as a desk, tabletop, or windowsill. Some can be made out of unused items around your home such as old pallets, empty mason jars, unused ladders, and even eggshells. Then you just grow plants, and after that hang them up or down according to your favorite.

#1 A Succulent Table

Source: Treehugger

#2 A Small Cactus Garden For A Focal Point On A Dinner Table

Source: Pinterest

#3 Indoor Miniature Greenhouse

Source: Thegreenhead

#4 A Hanging Fairy Garden

Source: Pinterest

#5 A 2-Tier Succulent Centerpiece

Source: Jenna Inman

#6 Succulent Micro Fairy Garden

Source: Flickr

#7 A Small Mason Jar Garden On Wall

Source: Shakemyblog

#8 Coffee Table Decor With A Miniature Garden

Source: Homesthetics

#9 An Old Ladder and An Aquatic Garden

Source: Instagram

#10 A-Shaped Houseplant Display

Source: Thefunsizedlife

#11 Gorgeous Plant Wall

Source: Popsugar

#12 A Hanging Recycling Bottle Planter

Source: Instagram

#13 Succulent Garden Arrangement

Source: Pinterest

#14 A Green Curtain On Wall

Source: Pinterest

#15 A Vining Plant To Decorate Blank Wall In The Living Room

Source: Melissafrusco

#16 A Cute Fairy Garden Made From An Old Metal Bucket

Source: Adrianne Henderson

#17 Create Your Own Indoor Fairy Garden

Source: Alittlelair.blogspot

#18 A Small Vertical Garden

Source: Westwing

#19 Hanging Clay Pots

Source: Etsy

#20 An Indoor Plants Display By Window

Source: Hgtv

#21 A Green Room Divider Idea

Source: Alanearchitecturepllc

#22 Macrame Plant Hangers

Source: Etsy

#23 A Small Tropical Garden With Ferns and String Lights

Source: Casacor

#24 Planting A Simple Cacti Garden

Source: Abeautifulmess

#25 Potted Earth Succulents

Source: Robin Mathews

#26 A tabletop Zen Garden

Source: Hometalk

#27 Garden In A Glass Teapot

Source: Lena Zhuravleva

#28 Eggshell Pots

Source: Theviewfromgreatisland

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