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29 Easiest DIY Succulent Planters

by Joyce

Every few weeks, if you’re anything like us, you’ll bring home some fresh succulents and wonder, “Where in the world am I going to put them?” It might be challenging to find enough room for your ever-expanding collection of succulents or to have enough pots on hand to hold them all.

Today, we’ll demonstrate how to create planters with items you already have lying around the house. You won’t ever run out of pots if you know how to build them from commonplace materials! In order to save room and put as many succulents as you like in your house, we’re also going to provide you with dozens of DIY hanging planter options. Let’s check out what we’ve shared about our addiction to DIY succulent planters.

#1. A Succulent Terrarium

Source: Gardening Know How

#2. A Succulent Centerpiece

Source: MissPlanlt

#3. A Succulent Bowl

Source: Reddit

#4. A Rectangular White Succulent Planter

Source: Pinterest

#5. A Wooden Box Succulent Planter

Source: BloomNation

#6. A Square Planter

Source: Gardeners World

#7. Grow Succulents And Cactus Together

Source: The Spruce

#8. Grow Hens And Chicks In Pottery Pots

Source: The Spruce

#9. Small Stones Like Seeds

Source: Garden Patch

#10. Keep Your Cactus Blossoming Happily

Source: Pinterest

#11. A Tiramisu Cactus Planter

Source: Brit + Co

#12. Wonderful Decor Pieces

Source: Pinterest

#13. A DIY Tiered Succulent Planter

Source: Teal Notes

#14. Tin Can Mossy Pots

Source: The Succulent Eclectic

#15. Add Ribbon To Your Glass Yogurt Jars

Source: Ginger Casa

#16. Tea Cup Succulent Planters

Source: Buy This Cook That

#17. Tea Cup Succulent Planters

Source: Cotswold Lifestyle Blogger

#18. An Adorable Coffee Mug Planter

Source: Garden Season

#19. A Mini Garden In A Teacup

Source: India Gardening

#20. A Juicy Square Succulent Terrarium

Source: Pinterest

#21. A Unique Crystal Stone

Source: Pinterest

#22. Crochet Succulent Pumpkin Planter

Source: One Dog Woof

#23. Mini Concrete Planters

Source: Instructables

#24. Polymer Clay Mini Planters

Source: My Poppet

#25. Oval Cement Flowerpot Silicone Mold Wool Rope Pattern Concrete Planter

Source: AliExpress

#26. Windowsill Garden Planter

Source: Pinterest

#27. Pine Cone Succulent Planter

Source: Pinterest

#28. Tea Tint Succulent Planter

Source: Wild Interiors`

#29. Seashell Succulent Planter

Source: Totally the Bomb.com

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