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30 Enchanting Landscaping Ideas With Gorgeous Purple Plants

by Jenny

Purple plants with purple blooms and leaves offer a calming effect in any garden landscaping. They convey richness and elegance in addition to bearing a color that has long been associated with royalty. Purple-flowered plants also make a beautiful addition to any garden or environment. There are many different shades of purple plants for you to opt for, from graceful lavender to light, soft roses.

To help you add a pop color to your garden and outdoor space, here are the most stunning purple plants that will spruce up your landscape.

#1. Purple Heart Ground

#2. Persian Bed

#3. Purple Pathway

#4. Wild Purple Flowers

#5. Clematis Trellis

#6. Heather Garden

#7. Dark Coral Bells

#8. Dark Alternantheras

#9. A Landscape with Purple Cactus

#10. Lavender Blooming

#11. Purple Canna

#12. Purple Succulent Ground

#13. Purple Edging

#14. Chinese Fringe Flower

#15. Purple Alliums

#16. Climbing Wisteria

#17. Purple Fern

#18. Japanese Maple

#19. Oxalis Bush


#21. Caradonna Salvia

#22. Petunia

#23. Larkspur

#24. Crocus with Star-shaped Blooms

#25. Verbena

#26. Verbena

#27. Purple Ice Plant

#28. Purple Rhododendron

#29. Butterfly Bush

#30. Rhapsody in Blue Rose

To add more interest to your landscape, plant the same flowers in several colors of purple and include plants with purple foliage to give texture.

We hope that our collection of purple plants has helped you transform your outdoor space into a stunning oasis. And we would like to hear you share about your beautiful garden with vibrant flowering shrubs.

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