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31 DIY Creative Light Decor Ideas For A Stunning Home

by Marry Dell

There are many ways to display bulbs to make them become focal points in your living space decor. If you want to add some personality to your home or to make a difference to your interior, we’ve collected 31 DIY creative Light Décor Ideas for your own projects. Whether you prefer recycling old items or using natural materials, there will undoubtedly be something that captures your attention as you go through the list of eye-catching DIY ideas below.
31 DIY Creative Light Decor Ideas For A Stunning Home
Light is an indispensable element in every home, so light bulbs are always essential items everyone must use. Most of these ideas help your home keep a good look throughout the year. Although there are also more elaborate projects that take some time to complete, don’t hesitate to try making them, they will make your home more unique and amazing. Check them out and let’s start one for your house right now!

#1 Lamp With Dried Tree

Source: sooshell

#2 Decorative Light

Source: tinhte

#3 Good-looking Floor Lamp

Source: thecoolist

#4 Chandelier With Tea Cup

Source: sehatwae

#5 Unique Chandelier

Source: kenh14

#6 Chandelier With Kettle

Source: panelaterapia

#7 Amazing Dinning Light

Source: pinterest

#8 Transform PVC Pipe Into Luminaries

Source: hometalk

#9 Recycled Wine Bottles

Source: recyclart

#10 Natural Wall Lamp

Source: pinterest

#11 DIY Bamboo Lamp Design

Source: pinterest

#12 Stunning Light Made By Leave

Source: cdn.shopify

#13 Wheel Nice Light

Source: pinterest

#14 Can Light

Source: serrv

#15 Upcycled World Globe

Source: upcycles-wonders

#16 Unusual Lamp Design

Source: intimateweddings

#17 Glass Bottle Light

Source: pinterest

#18 Spherical Lamp

Source: pinterest

#19 Decorative Light

Source: glaminati

#20 Bed Lamp

Source: site.google

#21 Beautiful Light Made By Eggshell

Source: spoon-tamago

#22 Natural Light

Source: pinterest

#23 Dried Branches2 Light

Source: shadesoflight

#24 Striking Shape Of Light

Source: lomets

#25 Ladder Light Decor

Source: sklinda

#26 Spoon Chanderlier

Source: lushome

#27 Rustic Ceiling Lights Wine Barrel Pendant Light

Source: etsy

#28 Branches Light

Source: recyclart

#29 Creative Light

Source: dwell

#30 Light Made By Old Item

Source: lushome

#31 Recycled Steel Wine Barrel Hoops

Source: pinterest

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