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31 Upcycled Old Gardening Tool Projects

by Marry Dell

If you’re a gardener, you’ll probably need a wide variety of gardening tools. After a period of use, it is possible that these tools have been damaged or old, and you can no longer use them. Supposing that you are planning to throw them away, you maybe don’t know how to use them. In addition to the usual ways to make your garden beautiful like planting flowers or planting bonsai, there are many other unique and attractive ideas for decorating your home and garden that you can consider trying out. And repurposing old garden tools by turning them into lovely garden decorations is a good practice.
31 Upcycled Old Gardening Tool Projects
Recycling old garden tools not only saves decoration costs but also helps protect the living environment. If you are not sure how to recycle the old garden tools you have, check out the article below in your spare time. I’m sure you’ll enjoy some of these fun decor styles. In addition to saving costs, renovation is also one of the ways to enhance creativity for your family members.

#1 Flower Pot Holder With Old Shovel

Source: pinterest

#2 Saw Sun In The Wall

Source: pinterest

#3 Rake And Spade Birdhouses

Source: rusticaornamentals

#4 Decorative Wreath

Source: pinterest

#5 Gate Made From Old Garden Tools

Source: yfrog

#6 Unique Fence

Source: flickr

#7 Dandelion Flower

Source: homesthetics

#8 Special Succulent Planter

Source: sowanddipity

#9 Flower Pot With Garden Cart

Source: pinterest

#10 Flower Pot Made Of Tree Stump

Source: boredpanda

#11 Watering Can

Source: empressofdirt

#12 Old Garden Pots

Source: sandandsial

#13 Reuse Garden Shoes

Source: homestratosphere

#14 Classic Lettering

Source: pinterest

#15 Old Saw Tree

Source: pinterest

#16 Special Birds In The Garden

Source: pinterest

#17 Cute Animals

Source: pinterest

#18 DIY Gardener

Source: boredart

#19 Art Painting With Old Shovel

Source: jolina-noelle.blogspot

#20 Funny Face

Source: buzzfeed

#21 Ball Hanging Art

Source: flickr

#22 Simple Chair

Source: plus.google

#23 Simple Crochet Price

Source: en.paperblog

#24 Repurposed Meat Fork In The Garden

Source: organizedclutter

#25 Upcycling Gardening Tool

Source: deavita

#26 Old Ladder

Source: tumblr

#27 Waterfall Made By Old Shovel

Source: backyardboss

#28 Stunning Decoration

Source: tumblr

#29 Vintage Wall

Source: midnightpoem.tumblr

#30 Unique Garden With Old Garden Tools

Source: esty

#31 Adorable Ducks

Source: touchoftrending

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