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33 Easy And Creative Ideas Made From Old Logs And Stumps For Your Garden

by Marry Dell

Do-it-yourself projects have become increasingly popular in recent years, as people look for creative ways to repurpose materials and add a personal touch to their homes and gardens. One favored DIY trend involves using old logs and stumps to create unique and charming garden decorations. These materials are readily available in many areas, and their natural texture and shape make them ideal for a variety of creative projects. In this article, we will explore 31 easy and creative DIY garden ideas made out of old logs and stumps.
33 Easy And Creative Ideas Made From Old Logs And Stumps For Your Garden
There are many great ways to use old logs and stumps in your garden. With a little creativity and some basic tools, the possibilities are endless for using old logs and stumps to create special and striking garden space. There exist many plus points to incorporating old logs and stumps into your garden. Not only do they provide a rustic and natural aesthetic, but they also offer environmental benefits. By repurposing materials that might have been discarded, you’re reducing waste and helping the environment.

#1 Art Stump

Source: pinterest

#2 Special Woman

Source: pinterest

#3 Tree Planter

Source: lacrossetribune

#4 Bird House

Source: finegardening

#5 Yard Art

Source: sweetjeanette.blogspot

#6 Stump House

Source: pinterest

#7 Light Ideas With Log

Source: decorhomeideas

#8 Log Candle Holder

Source: pinterest

#9 Edging Made By Log

Source: mornignchores

#10 Basic Table By Stump

Source: trelis.group

#11 Tree Trunk Chair

Source: reddit

#12 Stump Planter

Source: creatingthroughchaos

#13 Succulent And Stump

Source: asucculent

#14 Bird Feeder

Source: pinterest

#15 Wine Container

Source: pinterest

#16 Bench

Source: pinterest

#17 Garden Table And Chair

Source: homesthetics

#18 Simple Waterfall

Source: homesthetics

#19 Log Water Feature

Source: hayneedle

#20 Cute Rabbit

Source: pinterest

#21 Garden Pathway

Source: youtube

#22 Garden Step Made By Logs

Source: youtube

#23 Eco-friendly Fire Pit

Source: 1millionnideas

#24 Musroom

Source: vivaterra

#25 Mailbox

Source: flickr

#26 An Outdoor Swing

Source: pinterest

#27 Flower Bed Edging

Source: pinterest

#28 Logs Wall

Source: pinterest

#29 Fence Made By Logs

Source: rozcawley.typepad

#30 Beatifull Garden Light

Source: youtube

#31 A Unique Garden Corner

Source: amazon

#32 Garden Library

Source: parade

#33 Vintage Bridge

Source: penick

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