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The 20 Best Vegetable Garden Layouts To Try

by Joyce

Starting a vegetable garden requires a lot of work, including deciding which veggies to produce, purchasing seeds, and organizing the yard area. Of course, nothing compares to the ordered rows of classic raised garden beds, where everything is arranged and planted in a systematic way.

However, there are situations when you just don’t have the room. Be a bit more inventive if you live in an apartment with a balcony, a condo, or a house with a tiny yard. Thankfully, there are vegetable garden layout ideas for yards of all sizes.

#1. Hang A Pot

Source: Pinterest

#2. Pop Up A Shelf

Source: Plants Spark Joy

#3. Interplant With Flowers

Source: Farmers’ Almanac

#4. Line Them In Tidy Rows

Source: Gardening Know How

#5. On A Trellis

Source: South Carolina Living

#6. Grow Vegetables In Pots

Source: Gardener’s Path

#7. Try Companion Planting

Source: Living Color Garden Center

#8. Construct Raised Beds

Source: Homestead and Chill

#9. Create A Vertical Garden

Source: Realestate

#10. Set Up A Windowsill Garden

Source: Vertical Veg

#11. Mount A Wall Garden

Source: Country Living Magazine

#12. Fill A Pocket Garden

Source: Good Housekeeping

#13. Grow In Stock Tanks

Source: Garden Gate Magazine

#14. Arrange Shallow Containers

Source: Gardener’s Path

#15. Deer Proof Raised Bed

Source: Eartheasy.com

#16. Grow In Fabric Bags

Source: Bunny’s Garden

#17. Go Hydroponic Planting

Source: Ugaoo.com

#18. Stuffed In Straw Bales

Source: Joe Gardener

#19. Cut Your Pipe

Source: The Architecture Designs

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