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The Best Anti-Aging Face Toner For Wrinkles

by Navy

Surely women who are passionate about beauty all know and use a toner in their daily skincare routine. However, you are already aware that instead of spending a fortune to buy toner outside to use, you can make your toner at home with natural ingredients easily. The following article will help you “pocket” how to make an anti-aging toner with extremely simple operations and still ensure effectiveness.

Ingredients required:

  • Lemon: 1
  • Rose water: 1/2 a glass
  • Beer: 1/2 a glass (don’t be surprised)

The procedure:

  1. Juice the lemon first.
  2. Rose water and beer should be well mixed into the juice.
  3. A thick consistency will result. Apply the mask to your face gently using a cotton pad.
  4. Prior to retiring to bed, use the toner.
  5. Do this every night until the next morning, when you’ll notice a new you!

How does it benefit your skin?


Lemon is incredibly rich in antibacterial and antifungal characteristics, which are essential for clearing out acne and pimples as well as removing bacteria from the skin.


Beer is crucial for removing toxins from the skin. This brings back the skin’s faded radiance. Additionally, beer is a great source of B vitamins, which contribute to soft and supple skin.

Rose water

Rose water is the best thing to use if your skin is inflamed. Its extraordinary anti-inflammatory capabilities aid in reducing inflammation and maintain the smoothness and health of your skin.


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