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10 Vegetables That You Can Grow With Hydroponics

by Marry Dell

Do you know hydroponics? This is a growing method that you can skip the soil, sub in a different material to support the roots of the plant, and grow crops directly in nutrient-rich water. Growing this method brings a lot of benefits to gardener you can maximize space, conserves water, facilitates a micro-climate, produces higher yields, require less labor, needs no soil, produces higher quality food, reduces supply chain, predictability and seasonality, and crops grow faster.
10 Vegetables That You Can Grow With Hydroponics
For the good reasons above, many gardeners have applied this method to grow and give them a high chance of harvest. And today, we are want to share 10 Vegetables That You Can Grow with Hydroponics. If you want to change a traditional way to a different method, the post might be a new method that you are looking for. Keep reading to know which vegetables are suitable for this growing method.

#1 Cucumber

Image Credits: Flickr

Cucumber is a watery vegetable, so it just matches hydroponics.

#2 Lettuce

Image Credits: Medium

Lettuce is a common vegetable that you can grow hydroponically. It is adaptable to most hydroponic systems.

#3 Spinach

Image Credits: CityGreens Hydroponics

Spinach grows perfectly well hydroponically. It is small, it has a limited root system and it is a very fast crop.

#4 Peas

Image Credits: Eco Footprint

Peas are wonderfully vigorous plants and they grow perfectly well hydroponically.

#5 Bell Peppers

Image Credits: Flickr

Bell peppers are fairly small plants too, which is good for smaller spaces and smaller hydroponic systems.

#6 Onion

Image Credits: Aeroponics vs Hydroponics

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Onions grow slowly and take up little space, so they can grow well in small kits as well.

#7 Carrot

Image Credits: Unknow

Carrots are also added to the list of hydroponic vegetables.

#8 Radishes

Image Credits: Pinterest 

Radishes actually grow very well hydroponically. Their very small size makes them ideal for small hydroponics kits

#9 Tomatoes

Image Credits: Garden Aware

Hydroponics is perfect for tomatoes due to they like very steady conditions which you can give them with hydroponics.

#10 Broccoli

Image Credits: Pinerest

Broccoli is very good for hydroponics! In hydroponic cultures , this vegetble is far less attacked by pests.

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