12 Best Flowers To Grow in Poor Soil

by Marry Dell

    Your garden has a poor soil zone and picking plants to grow in this place can be a challenge. Don’t worry, there are many different plants that will grow in poor soil, they are tenacious. Their growth properties can adapt to harsher conditions over time such as rocky, soggy, overly dry, or clay soil. In the post, we will share the list of plants that will grow in even the poorest soil conditions.
    12 Best Flowers To Grow in Poor Soil
    These plants will help you enjoy the beauty and bounty of gardening. They don’t require much but still produce beautiful and vibrant blooms year after year maintenance. So, with just a little patience to choose the right plants, you can create a beautiful garden no matter what kind of soil you have. If you are interested in them, let’s spend your time learning about them with us.

    #1 Gaura

    Source: Thespruce

    Known as the “bee blossom,” because the Gaura produces beautiful white petals that are reminiscent of bees, hence the name. The flower thrives even when grown in poor soil and doesn’t need extra fertilizer.

    #2 Cinquefoils

    Source: Gardendesign

    Cinquefoils is a stunning and easy-to-grow plant. It grows well in high temperatures and bears delicate yellow flowers. It can reach a few feet tall, and if you want to keep its pace slow, grow it in poor soil.

    #3 Chamomile

    Source: Allaboutgardening

    Chamomile is an excellent flower with many health benefits. It can grow well in the poor-quality ground as long as the location has plenty of sun and well-drained soil

    #4 Lantana

    Source: Onszaden

    Lantana is a hardy and versatile plant, its stems are used in many arrangements. The plant grows well in any condition as long as you don’t overwater them.

    #5 Cosmos

    Source: Pixabay

    Cosmos can do well in many soil conditions, but it will grow happily when getting soil pH is between 6 and 8. And to enjoy more flowers, you should add some organic material to the soil.

    #6 African Daisy

    Source: Plantura.garden

    African Daisies are one of the most durable flowers, to keep them healthy, you just give them extra care, also, don’t forget to feed fertilizer to encourage the blossom.

    #7 Bush Lily

    Source: Aucklandbotanicgardens

    Bush Lily is a tough plant that can withstand both dry and moist soil to reward you with sweet-smelling blossoms and attractive strap-like leaves.

    #8 Gazanias

    Source: Plantright

    Gazanias have an amazing tenacity in growth, they can endure any soil condition as long as getting good drainage and is gritty or sandy texture.

    #9 Periwinkle

    Source: Housedigest

    This evergreen can grow well in poor soil but still shows off bright flowers with fresh leaves for a green look around your landscape.

    #10 Bougainvillea

    Source: Salisburygreenhouse

    Bougainvillea is one of the best options for pergola, fences, arbors and everywhere it can climb up.

    #11 Gaillardia

    Source: Simplegardenlife

    Gaillardia is an easy-to-grow and low-maintenance plant. It favors growing in poor soil. For even more flowers, give the plant rich with organic matter.

    #12 Mexican Hat Plants

    Source: Theseedcollection

    Mexican Hat Plants is a brilliant flower that can be found easily in meadows, fields, and pastures. It adjusts well to any soil, even the poorest quality dirt.

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