12 Best Tasty Green Herbs To Grow In The Garden

The bits of help of herbs are needed for adding flavor and eye-catching to dishes. Maybe it is a dish, a glass of lemonade, a cocktail, or a cup of tea and, the herb appearance will make it all more wonderful. But, herbs are not always ready to serve. Instead of spending time buying outside, you can grow them right in the garden, even in containers or pots. They are easy to grow and can be harvested for a short time.
12 Green Leafy Herbs To Grow In The Garden
So, here, we’ve collected the 12 Best Tasty Green Herbs To Grow In The Garden. These herbs are easy to plant, and they come back after cutting. Of course, you will have your own green garden all season of the year. Most herbs are full sun perennials so they need to get enough sunlight and regular watering, especially when the summer sun appears. If you want to grow them, check them out with us!

#1 Oregano

Source: Judiklee

This oregano is hardy, spreads fast, and has little purple-ish flowers that last for weeks to attract pollinators. Serve it in tomato sauce, soups, and pizza.

#2 Sweet Marjoram

Source: Royalcitynursery

The herb has rounded leaves and teeny flowers. It prefers sandy soil, but it has zero tolerance for frost. It is only suitable for growing in warm climates or treat as an annual in cold regions of the country. Using it to add in poultry dishes, soups, and potatoes.

#3 Fennel

Source: Nature-and-garden

This herb you can use leaves or dry seeds to serve in pasta dishes or sausage for a mild licorice flavor.

#4 Mint

Source: Theherbalacademy

Add a sprig to lemonade, or chop and toss with your fried potato. It will be more attractive! Moreover, mint is one of those plants that naturally repel mosquitoes.

#5 Salad Burnet

Source: Jekkas

This herb is one of the lesser-known. It has attractive tooth-edged leaves and pink flowers. Add leaves to salads for a mild cucumber flavor.

#6 Lemon Verbena

Source: Michlers

This herb is a tropical plant so it can survive only mild winter. It has glossy leaves and small white flowers that bloom from mid-to-late summer. The strong lemon scent is the perfect taste to add to iced tea or use it for potpourri.

#7 Parsley

Source: Howtoculinaryherbgarden

Use parsley in salads, soups, sauces, and potato dishes that will have your dishes have more flavor.

#8 Winter Savory

Source: Hooksgreenherbs

This winter savory has small purple or blue flowers and attractive foliage. Perfect to add to stews and lamb dishes.

#9 Sage

Source: Calloways

Sage is slightly soft and fuzzy. It can be pale green, tricolor, purple, or variegated. Used as an aromatic to stuff poultry or to season pork dishes. You can also lightly fry whole leaves to top dishes (such as pumpkin ravioli).

#10 Cilantro

Source: Live-native

You can use all parts of the plant from leaves, flowers, and seeds, they are edible and delicious in salsa, salads, and Mexican recipes.

#11 Lemon Balm

Source: Austinorganicgardeners

This herb has rounded leaves, almost heart-shaped, and small white flowers. It has a very pleasant scent. Use leaves for a mild citrusy flavor in fruit salads or herb butter.

#12 Lovage

Source: Pinterest

Use fresh leaves of this old-fashioned herb for a light celery flavor in casseroles, soups, potato dishes, and poultry dressing.

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