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12 Easy Houseplants That Grow Well On Cold Winter Days

by Marry Dell

When winter comes, you will have months of a snow-covered, dormant garden. This season brings unsuitable weather conditions for plant growth. However, indoor plants will give you something to do and greenery to enjoy. And the article we’ve listed the 12 Easy Houseplants That Grow Well On Cold Winter Days. These hardy plants today will help green up your space even in the lower light, colder months.
12 Easy Houseplants That Grow Well On Cold Winter Days
They not only grow well in low temperatures but also green up your place all year long. What’s more, they give many uses for health such as absorbing CO2, purifying the air, removing toxic gases, creating a fresh, ventilated space. They are so easy to grow indoors without requiring a lot of care. Growing these plants is a great gift that nature brings to your life on boring cold winter when you have a chance to see living greens add beauty and lushness to your indoor spaces.

#1 Snake Plant

Source: Bloomingbackyard

Snake Plant not only has a cool look and grows impressively tall, but it is nearly indestructible. If you forget to water it or go away for a few weeks, it also grows well? It is totally fine with low-light and infrequent waterings.

#2 Jade Plant

Source: Floweraura

Jade Plant prefers a moderate to low-light environment. It only needs water when the soil feels totally dry, as the leaves retain water.

#3 Spider Plant

Source: Plantvine

Spider Plant is an easy and resilient plant. Keep it alive for long enough, and it will sprout little spider plant babies. This plant grows happily in moderate light and with slightly damp soil.

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#4 Chinese Evergreen

Source: Planterina

Chinese Evergreen is impressively hardy to cold and dry environments. It doesn’t tolerate overwatering well. so you should grow it in pots that drain well. Wipe off the leaves regularly to help prevent bugs, like spider mites or aphids, from latching on.

#5 Orchid

Source: Fiorifloraldesign

Orchids are cheerful flowers that do well indoors with enough humidity, moisture, don’t need direct light and day-long light. They are also cat-friendly, you can grow these stunning flowers in your home.

#6 Fiddle Leaf Fig

Source: Apartmenttherapy

Fiddle Leaf Fig is easy to grow with a little effort. It just needs to water for two weeks or as little as every month, depending on how dry your home is. Not just that, it can even purify the air and help absorb nasty odors in your home.

#7 Peace Lily

Source: Bunches

Peace Lily thrives in low light conditions and is low maintenance, even prefers to be left alone in its container. It needs a good amount of water and it rebounds well if neglected for a while.

#8 ZZ Plant

Source: Earth

ZZ Plant is super easy to care for. It thrives in pretty much every environment including cold and damp, warm and dry, full sun, or completely shaded.

#9 Aloe Plant

Source: Michlers

Aloe Plant is one of the easiest-to-grow plants. If you live in a dry home and go away a few weeks, aloe still grows well. It holds water in its thick leaves so it can go long stretches between waterings and prefers to be near a source of light.

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#10 Philodendron

Source: Suvivaarla

Philodendrons come from tropical forests and prefer shaded or indirect light. While low light isn’t a problem for philodendrons, they do need a lot of moisture.

#11 Christmas Cactus

Source: Thespruce

Christmas Cactus thrive when they are a bit neglected. Its flowers bloom best in the sun, but they can withstand full shade and dry rooms. Be sure to only water when the soil is completely dry since it cannot tolerate frequent waterings.

#12 Succulents

Source: Nurserylive

In the winter, succulents don’t need much water at all. As the weather warms, continue with more regular waterings.

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