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13 Low-maintenance Succulents And Cacti To Grow Indoors

by Marry Dell

Many cacti and succulents are loved growing as houseplants. If you also love the appearance of the plants but don’t have much time to take care of them. Think about planting some of the 13 Low-maintenance Succulents And Cacti To Grow Indoors! All have a unique ability to store water for a long time, which means they can survive in low humidity.
13 Low-maintenance Succulents And Cacti To Grow Indoors
They grow best in any condition and different planters, from being grown in containers, and pots, to gardens. To make them really eye-catching, you can mix other types together. No matter how you mix they will create a perfect display because their colors are quite harmonious for a great combination. Plus, the easy care requirements and slow growth of these varieties will add charm to mixed container plantings and make an elegant beauty to brighten up your home designs as well.

#1 Feather Cactus

Source: Bobvila

Feather Cactus produces feather-like plumes that look soft and fluffy but they’re actually hiding pretty sharp spikes underneath. It can grow up to a few inches tall when grown in containers indoors.

#2 Rat Tail Cactus

Source: Houseplantcentral

Rat Tail Cactus is called monkey tail cactus. It looks great in hanging baskets as it can display its long stems that can be spilled over the edge to grow a few feet long. It may reward you with reddish flowers on spring and summer days.

#3 Fishbone Cactus

Source: Houseplanthouse

Fishbone Cactus has a zany appearance making it so impressive to look at. For the best, just give the plant water when the soil is about halfway dry.

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#4 African Milk Tree

Source: Pinterest

African Milk Tree is a striking succulent and is easy to grow without much care.

#5 Bunny Ears Cactus

Source: Airifier

Bunny Ears Cactus is a cute plant that can grow a few feet tall and up to 6 feet wide. You also grow it as a houseplant for many years in a small or medium pot. It prefers plenty of sunlight and low amounts of water.

#6 Saguaro Cactus

Source: Mydomaine

Saguaro Cactus can be grown well indoors in small pots once its strong root system has been established. It needs bright, warm conditions, if gets the right conditions, it will bring pretty white blooms.

#7 Barrel Cactus

Source: Crocus

Barrel Cactus is commonly grown as houseplants, it even rewards you with blooms if it gets the right condition.

#8 Blue Hens and Chicks

Source: Plantaddicts

Blue Hens and Chicks grow well both indoors and outdoors. But when the winter comes, let’s move the pots inside. It looks beautiful all season of the year if received full sun and moderate water!

#9 Christmas Cactus

Source: Gardenbetty

Christmas Cactus can bloom during winter months, often around Christmas, so it is called the name. Its growing season is spring, give it watered regularly or lightly sprayed with water.

#10 Bishop’s Cap

Source: Gardenbeast

Bishop’s Cap is a fairly common cactus that grows best in a dormant season. When spring comes, repotting it to encourage new growth.

#11 Burro’s Tail

Source: Apartmenttherapy

Burro’s Tail has a unique appearance making it one of the most popular to grow as a houseplant. Its stems look great for a hanging basket and can grow several feet long.

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#12 Moon Cactus

Source: Gardenbeast

Moon Cactus is an easy-to-grow option with vibrant colors that range in shades of yellow, orange, and red, this is why it is one of the most popular cacti to grow as a houseplant.

#13 Star Cactus

Source: Bobvila

called sand dollar cactus, it does best with 8 to 10 hours of sunlight per day. To help it grows happily, just give water when the soil is really dry.

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