13 Stunning Types of Flowers That Look Like Sunflower

by Marry Dell

    There is nothing better than enjoying the beauty of the radiant, yellow blooms of sunflowers right in the garden. They bring positive energy to anyone who sees them. By producing their bright open-faced flowers, they will make you smile. However, if you’re looking to add a perfect dash of sunshine to your backyard or homes without having to plant sunflowers, there are plenty of options in this post today.
    13 Stunning Types of Flowers That Look Like Sunflower
    Here is the list of 13 Stunning Types of Flowers That Look Like Sunflower. While this may seem surprising to many, there are multiple look-alikes of the average sunflower. They usually belong to the asteraceae or the daisy family. But to know what exactly are flowers? Let’s spend your time exploring them with us. Here we go!

    #1 Zinnia

    Image Credits: Good Housekeeping

    Zinnia has thin petals and vibrant colors.

    #2 Coneflowers

    Image Credits: Hgvt

    Coneflower is easy to grow and care for. It comes in yellow, fuchsia, ocher, red, pink, purple, magenta, and even orange colors.

    #3 Blanket Flower

    Image Credits: Gardening Know How

    Blanket Flower has a thick covering of blooms. Its petals show a punchy hue of red and yellow with a brown-yellow center.

    #4 Pot Marigold

    Image Credits: Bolster

    Pot Marigold is edible and medicinal, it has yellow to orange petals.

    #5 Treasure Flower

    Image Credits: World of Flowering Plant

    Treasure Flower is easy to grow, it comes in beautiful orange, white, red, yellow, and pink colors.

    #6 Coreopsis

    Image Credits: The Spruce

    Coreopsis thrives well in all soil conditions and needs full sun. This flower shows salmon, yellow, and orange flowers that are quite similar to daisies and sunflowers

    #7 Bidens

    Image Credits: The Spruce

    Bidens come in shades of deep red, orange, and yellow. They look like miniature sunflowers.

    #8 Black-Eyed Susan

    Image Credits: Sow True Seed

    Black-Eyed Susan owns beautiful yellow and orange flowers with a dark brown center.

    #9 Gerbera Daisy

    Image Credits: Hort Zone

    Gerbera Daisy forms red, purple, orange, and yellow flowers, it is another sunflower look-alike and popular for its fuzzy leaves and multiple color long-lasting flowers.

    #10 Chrysanthemum

    Image Credits: Horticulture

    Chrysanthemum has stunning flowers with red, salmon, white, orange, and magenta color.

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