15 Best Plants That Grow Well In Poor Soil

When it comes to growing, most of you will think of a rich and loamy soil zone and miss a stubborn patch of soil in your garden where most plants seem to wither away. Don’t waste your property. And in the post today, we will give an incredibly simple solution to this common problem. That is planting plants that will flourish in that stubborn spot.
15 Best Plants That Grow Well In Poor Soil
Here is the list of 15 Best Plants That Grow Well in Poor Soil, whether it is clay soil or sandy soil, all grow well with require basic conditions. Not just that, growing them in a hardy soil zone not only adds some versatility to your garden, but most plants that do well in low-quality soil are also worry-free and easy to care for. If you are interested in them, let’s spend your time learning about them to grow in your poor soil or heavy clay soil along with our short guide below.

#1. Lettuce

Image source: Chatham

If your garden is clay soil, lettuce also thrives. It grows well in full sun but may tolerate shady spots.

#2. Tickseed

Image source: Garrettseed

Tickseed needs full sun but isn’t very fussy about soil as long as water drains well.

#3. Purple Coneflower

Image source: Growjoy

Purple coneflowers need full sun and regular watering. They also require decent drainage, making them a great choice for sandy soil gardens.

#4. Autumn Joy Sedum

Image source: Bluestoneperennials

Autumn Joy Sedum needs full sun in order to produce many flowers and requires very little water therefore thrives in that sandy spot in the garden.

#5. Cup Plant

Image source: The Spruce

Cup Plant grows well in clay soil along with the full sun and regular watering. This flower does well in many types of soil but grows best in rich, clay soils due to the water retention capabilities.

#6. Butterfly Weed

Image source: Hudsonvalleyseed

Butterfly Weed loves full sun with its drought tolerance. It can grow in dry, sandy soil and requires little water once established.

#7. Bigleaf Periwinkle

Image source: Livenative

Bigleaf Periwinkle is an extremely easy plant to care for and can withstand clay soil conditions, as long as the soil is not too compacted.

#8. Lavender

Image source: Redding

Lavender is one of the plants that do well in low-quality soil, so it can thrive in dry sandy soil patches in your garden.

#9. Wild Bee Balm

Image source: Outsidepride

Wild bee balm is yet another easy-growing perennial that loves full sun with partial shade. For the best growth, water them frequently.

#10. Yarrow (Achillea)

Image source: Biogric

Yarrow is a hardy flower that thrives in poor-quality soil, whether clay or sandy, will be perfect for this hardy flower.

#11. Perennial Sunflower

Image source: Walmart

Perennial Sunflower grows well in almost any tough condition and loves full sun.

#12. Rose of Sharon

Image source: Gardening Know How

Rose of Sharon does well in most hot conditions and can be drought tolerant. This flower isn’t too fussy about soil, so long as it drains well, making it ideal for sandy soil conditions.

#13. Black-Eyed Susan

Image source: Mckenzieseeds

Black-eyed Susans love poor soils and thrive in full sun.

#14. New York Ironweed

Image source: Gardenia

New York Ironweed is a clay-loving plant. They require full sun but love the partial sun too.

#15. Foxtail Lilies (Eremurus)

Image source: Springhillnursery

Foxtail Lilies are low maintenance, needing very little water and plenty of sunlight, so it suits to grow in your clay soil.

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