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15 Pretty Lilies Varieties To Grow For A Beautiful Garden

by Marry Dell

Lilies put on their large, bright flowers and strong, sweet scent, all make a delightful addition to any garden, whether classically designed, rustic, cottage-style, or contemporary. If you are finding grow some gorgeous plants, lilies are a great option! There are so many different varieties of lilies that it can be hard to know where to start. So without further ado, let’s start following this post below to find a few lilies that you will fall in love with.
15 Pretty Lilies Varieties To Grow For A Beautiful Garden
Taking them a look, they are so stunning, right? Each has its own beauty from bloom color, plant height, and other characteristics, of course, they will bring you different excitement feelings. If you love them, here we’ve provided their images, names as well as some of their characteristics to help you know more about them. So, keep reading to find the perfect lilies to fill out your gardens and make a beautiful summer landscape full of vivid colors.

#1 Turk’s Cap Lilies

Source: Perennialco

The stem of the Turk’s cap offers a dozen or more blooms, which look much like small butterflies curled up and hanging from the end of flower stalks. This flower loves growing in sunny to partial shade.

#2 Trumpet Lilies

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Trumpet Lilies do well in fertile and well-draining soil, add compost or gritty material if need be.

#3 Oriental Lilies

Source: Almanac

Oriental Lilies display their beautiful flowers over a long time period. The blooms usually appear in early autumn.

#4 Orienpet Lilies

Source: Gardenia

Orienpet Lilies can grow from 3 to 8 feet tall, depending on the variety. They showcase large and dreamy blooms.

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#5 White Heaven

Source: Gardentags

As its name, White Heaven has pure white, trumpet-shaped flowers with a light yellow center with a delicate sweet fragrance. This type can grow from 2 to 3 feet and bloom in early summer, with 3-6 delicate flowers.

#6 Flore Pleno

Source: Gardenia

Flore Pleno has the characteristic orange coloring with dark freckles with double petals.

#7 Nankeen Lily

Source: Gardeningsoul

Nankeen Lily produces yellow to pale orange nodding blooms from late spring. Its stems grow up to 4 feet tall and produce 12-18 sweet-scented flowers.

#8 Longiflorum Lilies

Source: Gardentags

Longiflorum Lilies grow in zones 4-8. This type reaches just one to three feet in height but offers a gorgeous display of color for the Easter holiday.

#9 Corleone

Source: Gardeningsoul

Corleone has bright red to deep burgundy blooms with a light fragrance. Its cutting flowers last quite some time in a vase of water.

#10 Asiatic Lilies

Source: Idiggreenacres

Asiatic Lilies own large beautiful flowers approximately 4 to 6 inches high atop 2 to 5-foot tall stems. They are easy to grow and do great in the sunshine.

#11 Splendens

Source: Jparkers

Splendens is a prolific bloomer that has downward-facing flowers in bright orange with black freckles.

#12 Casablanca

Source: Thespruce

Casablanca has delicate, milky-white blooms with a light, sweet scent. It produces 6-8 flowers on 3- to 4-feet tall stems and blooms in midsummer.

#13 LA Hybrid

Source: Easytogrowbulbs

LA Hybrid has large and bold flowers but offers no fragrance. They bloom beautiful flowers for weeks.

#14 Madonna Lily

Source: Pixels

Madonna Lily has wide and large, crisp white petals, the anthers are a sunny yellow color.

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#15 Canada Lilies

Source: Redhousegarden

Canada Lilies is a stunning wildflower that bears lance-shaped leaves and enchanting yellow, orange, or red, trumpet-shaped flowers in midsummer.

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