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16 Beautiful Flower Types That Spread Fragrance At Night

by Marry Dell

Need sun for growth and blooming process, but there are some flowering plants that can bloom at night without requiring sunlight. Especially, they emit smell stronger and sweeter at night. And in this list today, we’ve collected 16 Beautiful Flower Types That Spread Fragrance At Night for bringing a new life to your outdoor space. Spend your time learning them with us!
16 Beautiful Flower Types That Spread Fragrance At The Night
Owning unique beauty with extremely fragrant to provide a natural, sweet-smelling ambiance, they are great candidates if you want to grow some plants to enhance your yard. There is nothing better than sitting on your front porch or on your patio and seeing them gently swaying in the wind under a moonlit sky and breathing in the fragrance, right? You can plant these fragrant bloomers in beds and containers on patios, porches, and near outdoor spaces puts them up close with you where you can enjoy their beauty and fragrance.

#1 Yellow Evening Primrose

Source: Etsy

Yellow Evening Primrose offers yellow flowers that attract moths, hummingbirds, honeybees, and bumblebees, which pollinate the primrose. This flower is easy to grow and does well in planting zones from 5 – 8.

#2 Gardenias

Source: Brighterblooms

Gardenias not only display strongly scented white flowers but also bring glossy, bright green leaves. They grow easily in containers and raised beds.

#3 Flowering Tobacco

Source: Gardensillustrated

The flowers of the plant open after dark, on cloudy days, and are especially fragrant at night. Its leaves are large, oval leaves, sticky stems.

#4 Jasmine

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Most jasmines have fragrances. They are vining shrubs that grow quickly if given good soil and regular sunlight.

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#5 Heliotrope

Source: Bhg

In summer, the Heliotrope showcases flowers that come in purples, blues, violets, and whites. Most do well in pots and containers and need well-drained soil.

#6 Evening Primrose

Source: Easytogrowbulbs

Evening Primrose can attract night-flying insects which are drawn to the flower’s lovely scent. From spring to autumn, white to pink blooms are heavy. The plant can tolerate drought and grows well in poor soil or rocky areas and likes full sun.

#7 Mexican Orange

Source: Nature-and-garden

Mexican Orange brings clusters of sweet-smelling white flowers that resemble orange blossoms just like orange jasmine attracting bees. The flowers open in late winter or early spring and bloom continuously for a few months, then intermittently throughout the summer.

#8 Kahili Ginger

Source: Alchetron

The flowers of Kahili Ginger are yellow with red stamens and produce a rich fragrance, especially during late summer evenings.

#9 Plumeria

Source: Floraqueen

Plumeria is grown as a shrub or small tree in warm climates. The sweet-scented flowers with elegant colors ranging from white to yellow to pink and variegated. Its blooming time lasts spring through fall.

#10 Angel’s Trumpet

Source: Bhg

Angel’s Trumpet offers trumpet-shaped flowers in white, pink, or yellow. Its fragrance emits at night. It grows well in sun or shade and needs regular watering

#11 Wax Flower

Source: Guide-to-houseplants

Wax Flower is a tropical plant that shows off waxy leaves and flower clusters. The flowers are creamy-white with a pink center and produce a lovely fragrance that is stronger at night. It is a slow-growing, woody vine and looks great in hanging baskets on patios and porches.

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#12 Night-Blooming Jasmine

Source: Bluestoneessentials

Night-Blooming Jasmine bears creamy white blossoms that appear in summer, producing a powerful fragrance at night. The plant prefers full sun for the most beautiful blooms. Give it partial shade and regular water.

#13 Casa Blanca Lily

Source: Edenbrothers

Casa Blanca Lily gives large white blooms with a sweet aroma. It looks great when planted in groups of three or five identical bulbs and grows happily in containers.

#14 Moonflower

Source: Outsidepride

Moonflower showcases white flowers appearing in the evening. The flowers are visible and extremely fragrant throughout the night. The leaves also look beautiful with heart-shaped, and blooms resemble funnels. It is a fast-growing vine, you can grow it and take advantage of its shade for an arbor, patio roof, gazebo, or trellis.

#15 Hellebore

Source: Heraldnet

The flowers of most hellebores are shaped like bells or cups, either facing outward or drooping. It grows well in partial or full shade.

#16 4 O’Clock

Source: Gardenerspath

4 O’Clock ranges in a variety of colors such as yellow, red, pink, white, and variations thereof. They are mounding plants that reach heights of 3 to 4 feet. It grows happily in full sun and requires little water.

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