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DIY Wood Log Ideas for Your Next Garden Projects

by Marry Dell

Wood logs are not just for firewood, they can also be used to create beautiful and unique garden projects. A simple bench made out of logs can provide a cozy spot to sit and enjoy your garden. You can also create raised garden beds using logs to add some natural charm to your vegetable garden. The possibilities are endless when it comes to DIY wood log garden projects!
DIY Wood Log Ideas for Your Next Garden Projects
Using wood logs in your garden projects is not only a budget-friendly option but also a sustainable one. Instead of letting old logs go to waste, you can transform them into something beautiful and useful. The best part? You can easily make these DIY projects yourself, with just a few tools and some creativity. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your next garden project, check out these DIY wood log ideas. They’re sure to add a rustic and natural touch to your outdoor space.

#1 Garden Fence

Source: homesthetics

#2 Garden Border

Source: agreenhand

#3 Low-Maintenance Raised Garden Bed

Source: Laurel Oakman

#4 Log Retaining Wall

Source: flickr

#5 A Gabion Basket

Source: gabion1

#6 Backyard Playing For Kids

Source: frogsandsnailsandpuppydogtail

#7 DIY Outdoor Solar Lighting

Source: urbangardensweb

#8 A Simple Outstanding Garden Idea

Source: earthenexposure

#9 A Small Landscaping Using Log

Source: deccoria

#10 A Garden Bench

Source: sintaladesign

#11 DIY Garden Lighting

Source: ideastand

#12 Garden Chain

Source: rogerio

#13 DIy Bird House

Source: 1001gardens

#14 An Outdoor Seating Idea

Source: Brad Hendon

#15 DIY Yard Furniture

Source: Inmyownstyle

#16 Log Flower Planter

Source: pinterest

#17 Garden Decoration with Logs

Source: Lori Welsh

#18 DIY Garden Fire Pit with Log Chairs

Source: pinterest

#19 DIY Garden Gate

Source: growingnicely

#20 Wooden Log Spring Flroal Arrangement

Source: flickr

#21 Awesome Wildlife Garden Idea

Source: gardenbuildingsdirect

#22 Outdoor Wooden Wine Table

Source: Karen Balch

#23 Carved Thru Log Signs

Source: lumberjackgifts

#24 Log Planter

Source: Linda Kovacs

#25 Succulent Log Planter

Source: Mike Willms

#26 Log Flower Bed

Source: instructables

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