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16 Blue Nail Ideas You Must Not Miss In 2022

by Ruby

Royal hues were predicted by nail professionals to be must-try nail art shades in 2021, and the blue manicure trend continues to create a bigger sensation for this autumn or winter season. “In general, saturated colors are trending,” Brittney Boyce shares with Bustle, founder of NAILS OF LA and celebrity nail artist. Blue is especially popular, she says, since it comes in a variety of undertones and finishes, allowing you to find a shade that complements everyone’s appearance.

Of course, if darker shades of blue are more your style during the colder months, go for it. “Bright sapphire blues are trending due to their more jewel tones,” says Boyce. “This looks great when we do minimal nail art as it’s so rich and gives that bold pop of color to make it super striking.” Basically, the blue nail polish color options are virtually limitless.

Need some ideas? Here are X blue nail suggestions to paint yourself or request at your next salon visit.

16 Trendy Blue Manicure Of This Year

Light Blue Nails

Light blue nails can be mixed with light, soft-shade outfits to create a feminine, gentle look. In this picture, the model chooses to complement her nails with a white sweater. The nude-colored nails in the middle soften the look of the pure light blue manicure.Light Blue Nails

Matte Blue Nails

Celebrate Christmas with this dark blue Santa design. The plaid nails bring a homey, cozy vibe to the nails.Matte Blue Nails

Royal Blue Nails

This is another great option to celebrate our biggest holiday of the year.Royal Blue Nails

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Dark Blue Nails

If you love the color of the deep blue sky, this is something you would like. The modest gems depict the stars in the night sky beautifully. I love the moon finger necklace. If you have one real accessory just like this, sport it along with this creative design.Dark Blue Nails

Pink And Blue Nails

I am captivated by the bright, magical sky that this artist drew. The manicurist has used a combination of pink and blue to depict the marvelous essence of the world above ours.Pink And Blue Nails

Sky Blue Nails

Another sky, but this one is only drawn in blue. The butterfly in a darker shade pops up gorgeously on the nails.Sky Blue Nails

Pastel Blue Nails

This design is very stylish and intricate. This is something that I would wear to my office daily.Pastel Blue Nails

Summer Blue Nails

Save this one for your next harvest or summer season. If dark yellow represents the warmth and dry leaves, dark blue is the sky after twilight.Summer Blue Nails

Black And Blue Nails

This design will intrigue exquisite ladies. It looks more mature and darker. Although it is only embellished with some modest rhinestones and a black line, the black and blue ombre effect will make it the center of attention.Black And Blue Nails

Orange And Blue Nails

Contrary to the previous design, this one is much more vibrant and lively, which is perfect for the friendly, outgoing souls.Orange And Blue Nails

Turquoise Blue Nails

The turquoise and the chrome polish remind me of our brave and majestic queen Elsa.Turquoise Blue Nails

Yellow And Blue Nails

There are a lot of nail ideas inspired by nature, and this is one of them. This is a simple summer or autumn canvas that is minimal and versatile.Yellow And Blue Nails

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French Blue Nails

Winter French tips for a freezing end of the year.French Blue Nails

Silver And Blue Nails

This one seems very magically luminous.Silver And Blue Nails

Nude And Blue Nails

This short, sophisticated inspiration is very luxurious.Nude And Blue Nails

Blue Nails With Rhinestones

Long nails are very hard to maintain. Thus, you should consider this thoroughly before asking the manicurist to adhere the nail extensions.Blue Nails With Rhinestones

Baby Blue Nails

The pattern on the middle finger may require great skills from the nail artist.Baby Blue Nails

This archive provides such an interesting journey to discover various blue nail designs. If you have your eye on some particular ideas, you can rush to the parlor now and ask for an identical recreation. You can also alter it based on your personal preference, or save it for next year.

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