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30 Simple Yet Cute Colorful Nails To Glam Up Your Fingertips

by Rebecca

Are you tired of the same old nail designs, or do you typically use pastel shades and want to try something new? If so, you’ve come to the right spot! While colorful nails are nothing new in the beauty world, we’ve been witnessing an increase in neon, mismatched, and vibrant nail art on our social media feed. These nails are too fun to ignore, and we’re ready to have a party painted on our fingertips with these designs!

Want to hop on the train? Scroll down to check out our collection of the prettiest and most colorful nails to get your sweet daily dose of inspo! The best thing about these manicures is that you can recreate them at home with your favorite shades and save money on expensive salon trips! So keep scrolling and add these gorgeous looks to your Pinterest board now!

1. Fun Pastel Colorful Nails

Fun Pastel Colorful Nails

2. Rainbow French Tips

Rainbow French Tips

3. Vibrant Marbled Nails

Marbled Colorful Nails

4. Simple Rainbow Nails

Simple Colorful Nails

5. Neon Nails

Neon Nails

6. Cotton-Candy Manicure

Cotton-Candy Manicure

7. Subtle Colorful Nails

Subtle Colorful Nails

8. Fun French Manicure

Fun French Manicure

9. Colorful Nails With Swirls

Colorful Nails With Swirls

10. Short Pastel Nails

Short Pastel Nails

11. Lavender Nails

Lavender Nails

12. Nude Manicure

Nude Manicure

13. Baby Blue

Baby Blue

14. Fun Candy Nails

Fun Colorful Nails

15. Peachy Nude

Peachy Nude

16. Dark Blue Nails

Dark Blue Nails

17. Deep Purple Manicure

Deep Purple Manicure

18. Pink Marbled Nails

Pink Marbled Colorful Nails

19. Short Green Nails

Short Green Nails

20. Coffin Red Nails

Coffin Red Nails

21. Square Lavender Nails

Square Lavender Nails

22. Rainbow Nails

Colorful Rainbow Nails

23. Nails With Fun Art

Colorful Nails With Fun Art

24. Neon Nails

Neon Colorful Nails

25. Matte Colorful Nails

Matte Colorful Nails

26. Candy Pastel

Candy Pastel

27. Pastel Half-Moon Nails

Pastel Half-Moon Nails

28. Abstract Nails

Abstract Colorful Nails

29. Bold Half-And-Half

Bold Half-And-Half

30. Pink Gradient Nails

Pink Gradient Nails

Did you enjoy our list of colorful nails? If you like these designs, you’ll love our other manicure collections. Aside from nail ideas, we post a lot about beautiful tattoos, trendy outfit ideas, and stunning hairstyles. Explore our site and find your sweet fashion muse. All beauty enthusiasts are welcome!

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