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16 DIY Plant Hanger Ideas

by Marry Dell

Looking for ideas to hang your pots, basket, you are reading the right place. In the post today, we will share the 16 DIY Plant Hanger Ideas that you easily make at home. They also are quick projects perfect for beginners with a short of time about less than an afternoon to complete and they’re easy enough that anyone can tackle them.
16 DIY Plant Hanger Ideas
Taking them a look, these DIY plant hangers are inexpensive to make, right? Instead of purchasing a plant hanger, you’re going to spend more on the store-bought hanger than if you make one yourself. You can utilize old items around your homes such as fabrics, T-shirts, ropes, and more, which can be turned into your own hangers. You can make under these ideas or customize to your liking and plant size. They also make perfect gifts to give your loved ones but after making one, you might just want to keep it for yourself. Try them now if you are interested in them!

#1 Crochet Plant Hanger

Source: Etsy

#2 DIY Plant Hanger From Fabric Strips

Source: Flickr

#3 Rope Plant Hanger

Source: Balconygardenweb

#4 DIY Beaded Plant Hanger

Source: Vintagerevivals

#5 DIY Hanging Leather Planter

Source: Unknow

#6 DIY Boho Hanging Planter Made From Wood Charger, Beads, And Rope

Source: Hunker

#7 DIY Macrame Plant Hanger

Source: Etsy

#8 DIY Rope and Wood Hanging Planter

Source: Bhg

#9 DIY Cement Triangle Hanging Planter

Source: Prettylifegirls

#10 DIY Macrame Cactus Planters

Source: Bhg

#11 Hanging Votive Planter

Source: Thescrapshoppeblog

#12 DIY Hanging Herb Garden

Source: Publix

#13 DIY Hanging Rain Gutter Planter

Source: Makeitloveit

#14 Gold Dipped Hanging Planter

Source: Thespruce

#15 Old T-Shirt Plant Hanger

Source: Goodhousekeeping

#16 Simple Rope Plant Hanger

Source: Makeitloveit

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