17 Clever Ideas to Plant Your Beautiful Succulents

17 Clever Ideas to Plant Your Beautiful Succulents

You got a stunning succulent garden but you want to find something more unique and attractive in your collection. Look no further, you are in the right place, here we will introduce the 17 Clever Ideas to Plant Your Beautiful Succulents. Some are cute and lovely toys that your kids also make easily, others are supporters of the garden. They own a vibrant look with interesting and unique structures, so they surely add quirkiness to your ideas. Are you ready to explore them? Let’s check them out with us!
17 Clever Ideas to Plant Your Beautiful Succulents
Eggshells, logs, tuna cans, old hats, …these are available unused items around your house. Instead of tossing them, you can turn them into unique planters for your mini lovely succulent garden. Giving them a look, all of them are so interesting, right? Each has its own beauty and you will have exciting experiences when crafting them. They are great choices for your home, whether you put them indoor or outdoor, they will also bring friendly beauty to the landscape. What’s more, you can just finish them in a short time and with a little effort! So, if you love creativity, they are cool gifts. Save them and try some for your leisure time.

#1 Grow In Terrariums

Image Credits: Simple Succulent

#2 Plant In A Seashell

Image Credits: Sand Dollar Lane

#3 Grow In Cork Planters

Image Credits: David Domoney

#4 Plant In a Baking Dish

Image Credits: Onecrazyhouse

#5 Plant In A Rotted Tree Trunk

Image Credits: Myrepurposedlife

#6 Grow In Candlestick

Image Credits: Dazzlewhilefrazzled

#7 Faux Succulent Mug Planter

Image Credits: My Pinterventures

#8 Mini Mason Jar Succulent Starters

Image Credits: Busy Being Jennifer

#9 Grow In Tuna Cans

Image Credits: Kreative K

#10 Grow In Bird Cage

Image Credits: Garden Therapy