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17 Creative Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas For Home And Garden

by Marry Dell

Unused plastic spoons seem to be mercilessly discarded objects, but in fact, you can fully take advantage of them into something special to make your home and garden lovely and fun. So, in the article, we’ve rounded up 17 Creative Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas For Home And Garden that you can make easily at home to make your indoor and outdoor space more unique. Especially, if you love Craft projects, surely you will love them immediately and your kids too! It is great for keeping them busy as well as bringing out their creative side.
17 Creative Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas For Home And Garden
They all are easy, simple to make, and fun to complete without requiring any effort. With these ideas just a little color correction and a few accessories, you can turn unused plastic spoons into your own unique ideas. From mirrors, clocks, vases, wreaths, flowers, to holiday decor like Christmas trees, they are for you. Whether you are looking for any inspiration, using recycle spoons can for a new purpose saves them from being wasted. Let’s these inspirations as your beginning point to make your own version.

#1 Pretty DIY Fall Wreaths

Source: Landeeseelandeedo

#2 DIY Mirror

Source: Joann

#3 DIY Plastic Spoon Lights

Source: Countryliving

#4 Snow Tree

Source: Revistaartesanato

#5 Garden Sunflower From Plastic Spoons

Source: Hometalk

#6 A Fun And Funky Clock From Plastic Spoons

Source: Craftgawker

#7 Desk Lamp

Source: Worthingcourtblog

#8 Flower Vase

Source: Bhg

#9 Plastic Spoon Garden Markers

Source: Craftsbyamanda

#10 DIY Plastic Spoon Tulip Flowers

Source: Craftionary

#11 Plastic Spoon Frame

Source: Pinterest

#12 Lovely Small Flower For Vase

Source: Craftionary

#13 Candle Centerpiece from Plastic Utensils

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#14 Plastic Spoon Garden Bird Feeder

Source: Naturalbeachliving

#15 Plastic Spoon Chandelier

Source: Flickr

#16 Framed Plastic Spoon Artwork

Source: Bellanest

#17 DIY Plastic Spoon Candle Holder

Source: Diys

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