17 Genius DIY Garden Support Ideas

by Marry Dell

    There are many vegetables, flowers, and plants that grow just fine on their own while others need a support system to ensure their growth to be strong, healthy, and productive. Tall supports not only increase yield, but they can also conserve space to help you can grow more plants in your garden. At the same time, you can add unique, visual interest to your green spaces. For these reasons, making trellis is a need for climbing plant types in the garden, right?
    17 Genius DIY Garden Support Ideas
    If you are looking for trellis ideas to support your vegetables or flowers, annuals, or perennials, these 17 Genius DIY Garden Support Ideas will certainly make beautify the garden and keep your climbing vines happy. They all ideas here are the best trellis projects to match a wide variety of styles and purposes from purely functional to easily elegant. In addition, some are made from recycled materials such as wine bottles, old ladders, unused coat racks, and more, which give an interesting look. Check them and try some now!

    #1 Arbor Garden Trellis

    Source: Hamiltonparkhome

    #2 Old Door Support

    Source: Dan Wiswell

    #3 Branch Support

    Source: Contentinacottage

    #4 Iron Gate Trellis

    Source: Thisgrandmothersgarden

    #5 Pergola Trellis

    Source: Ehow

    #6 Rope and Stick Trellis

    Source: Mujerde10

    #7 Pallet Support

    Source: Flickr

    #8 Ladder Support

    Source: Homeiswheretheboatis

    #9 Mattress Springs Trellis

    Source: Flickr

    #10 Coat Rack Trellis

    Source: Gertrude West

    #11 Chandelier Trellis

    Source: Kellyelko

    #12 Bike Wheel Dome Trellis

    Source: Pinterest

    #13 Netting Plant Support

    Source: Wayfair

    #14 Trellis From Old Crib Sides

    Source: Ktr Ross

    #15 Wooden Garden Gate Trellis

    Source: Gardeningetc

    #16 Support From Garden Fence

    Source: Rustyhoe

    #17 Bottle Tree Trellis

    Source: Hometalk

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