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18 DIY Brilliant Ideas To Repurpose Hangers

by Joyce

You may give fresh life to whatever hangers you have in your wardrobe, whether they are vintage hangers you have collected or just excessive ones. Luckily, we’re here to show you how to repurpose used hangers to add some artistic d├ęcor to your house.

Although wire hangers may appear inexpensive and unnecessary, there are numerous DIY crafts made out of them. Here are 18 unique ideas for wire hangers that you may have gathered in your closet.

#1. Jewelry Holder

Source: Pinterest

#2. Ribbon Organizer

Source: Pinterest

#3. Coat Hanger Hook Rack

Source: Pinterest

#4. Wooden Hanger Dish Rack

Source: Pinterest

#5. A Magazine Rack

Source: Pinterest

#6. A Photo Display

Source: Pinterest

#7. Make Your Butterflies

Source: Pinterest

#8. A Glasses Hanger

Source: Pinterest

#9. A Wall Decor Display

Source: Pinterest

#10. Fabric Wrapped Hangers

Source: Pinterest

#11. Flip Flop Hangers

Source: Dollar Store Crafts

#12. DIY Glam Clothes Hangers

Source: Pinterest

#13. DIY Cityscape Wire Hanger Piece

Source: DIYs.com

#14. Toilet Paper From Wire Hangers

Source: Instructables

#15. Bubble Wands From Wire Hangers

Source: Richland Library

#16. Make A Beautiful Spring Wreath

Source: Rustic Crafts & DIY

#17. Use Wire Hangers In A DIY Basket

Source: YouTube

#18. Wire Hangers Mini Trellis

Source: Pith + Vigor

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