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18 DIY Rain Gutter Ideas For Home And Garden Projects

by Marry Dell

After being used to collect storm water for a long time, it’s time to replace your old rain gutter with a new one. What about that old rain gutter? Check out our collection below with a lot of many projects that you can reuse for creative purposes instead of letting them in the garage or shed. These projects are easy and simple to make. Simply choose one and try making it with your little effort because they are easy and simple-to-make projects that anyone can make.
18 DIY Rain Gutter Ideas For Home And Garden Projects
These ideas here will give you so many things with rain gutter, from a vegetable garden, and a home decor centerpiece to a storage solution. Whether you want to use them for any purpose, you will find something that suits your favorite as well as your space and interior. After your reading is done, we hope that you will get inspired and see what you can make from rain gutters. Happy crafting!

#1 Vertical Growing

Source: Gardening4gains

#2 Rain Gutter Centerpiece

Source: Pinterest

#3 Herb Garden Made From A Rain Gutter

Source: Linda Thorpe

#4 Kitchen Herb Planters

Source: Homesthetics

#5 Unique DIY Hanging Gutter Garden

Source: Theownerbuildernetwork

#6 Use Gutters to Dress Up Your Fence

Source: Instructables

#7 Gutter Gardening on the Deck

Source: Theurbanhearth

#8 Rain Gutter Strawberry Garden

Source: Garden.lovetoknow

#9 Indoor Hanging Planter Idea

Source: Thehowtohome

#10 Use An Old Rain Gutter To Create A Flowing Waterway For Plastic Boats

Source: Pinterest

#11 Windowsill Succulent Planter

Source: Shelterness

#12 Rain Gutter Bookshelf

Source: Amy Naylor Greene

#13 Rain Gutter Shoe Storage

Source: Onecrazyhouse

#14 DIY Hanging Rain Gutter Planter For Porch

Source: Makeit-loveit

#15 Ribbon Storage

Source: Scrapbook

#16 Outdoor Vertical Garden

Source: Robin Stewart

#17 Fence Vegetable Garden

Source: Hunker

#18 Balcony Gutter Garden

Source: Karen Sabolcik

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