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19 Halloween Nail Designs In Black That Are Ideal For Spooky Szn

by Shelly

The countdown to Halloween begins now. While you are pondering costumes and makeup ideas for this year’s festivities, dark Halloween-themed nails that are decked out in a ghastly design are a simple way to start leaning into the spooky season.

Black nail polish is a staple, no matter what the season. But for Halloween in particular, the inky shade is top-tier. Black nails are the epitome of dark, moody, and a little bit scary. You have the option of keeping it simple with a vampire French tip or going all out with elaborate motifs like spiders, ghosts, skeletons, and black cats all over.

Over a black base, toppers always stand out, whether they are chrome powders or chunky glitter. You’re sure to discover at least one design to go with your costume because there are so many various ways to jazz up a basic black manicure.

There is still time to decide. While you consider your options, get some ideas by perusing the black Halloween nail art designs below.

19 Black Halloween Nail Designs

Groovy Vibes

Groovy VibesWhile the 1970s were all about bold and bright colors, these black and white designs are a sharp and chic twist on psychedelic prints.

Wavy Gingham

Wavy GinghamElevate a classic black and white gingham print with a holographic effect. It’s absolutely mesmerizing.

Out Of This World

Out Of This WorldIf you’re tapping into outer space for your Halloween costume, these space and alien decals will be perfect for your galactic ’fit.

Spell It Out

Spell It OutSimple and to the point. Opt for a mix of solid black nails and a spooky font that spells out a message.

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Neon-Dipped Tips

Neon-Dipped TipsNot into red and black? Paint on blood drips using neon colors. The combination of purple and green will give major throwback Goosebumps vibes.

X-Ray Art

X-Ray ArtGo beyond your nail bed and paint skeleton bones along your fingers.

French Glam

French GlamThe classic French tip is always appropriate. If you’re going full glam for Halloween, these black tips with silver shimmery details are perfect.

Scream Bling

Scream BlingThe iconic Scream mask is a must for the spooky season. Here, it’s dressed up with jewels.

Animal Instinct

Animal InstinctAnimal costumes are classic — why not unleash your wild side with matching animal print nails?

Spidey Senses

Spidey SensesThese spider decals are so cute on their own, but the skeleton with a top hat is a chef’s kiss.

Dainty Details

Dainty DetailsCottagecore but make it fall and moody. Dress up a simple black manicure with small floral and bow designs.

Bloody Scene

Bloody SceneWould it be Halloween without a little bit of blood? Opt for a black and red combo with blood droplets.

Got Milk

Got MilkAnother fun animal print to try out, cow-inspired designs have been trending all year. With a bit of negative space, it’s a subtle yet striking look.


Hallow-DetailsWhy stick to one design when you can have a different decal on every nail? Ghosts, spiders, blood decals — throw the kitchen sink at your nails for the ultimate Halloween mani.

Black Cat

Black CatThese black cat designs against a bare nail are so adorable.

Witching Hours

Witching HoursThese mystical and witchy designs are truly magical.

Glittery Ghosts

Glittery GhostsCute ghost designs bring some levity into the spooky vibes.

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Chic Cobweb

Chic CobwebPaint glittery cobwebs against a glossy black background for a manicure that is minimal and chic.

Go Matte

Go MatteA matte finish is a fun way to add some contrast. With a glossy Halloween design on top, it will be subtle enough to wear beyond the spooky season.

Have you chosen a design yet? Comment below let us know.

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