20 Common Vegetables To Grow Easily In Buckets

Bucket gardening is one of the easiest that many gardeners love, especially for those who live in urban. Don’t need to have a huge backyard, you still have plenty of food for daily meals. In the post today, we are so lad to share 20 Common Vegetables To Grow Easily In Buckets. So, if you are finding ways to grow food in your tiny space, let’s check out our recommendations here.
20 Common Vegetables To Grow Easily In Buckets
How to buy buckets? Don’t worry! You can find them from a local home improvement store and from restaurant food suppliers, or on the internet. Whether you want to grow your veggies in 5-gallon buckets or a few 10-gallon buckets, they are available. Before growing you should drill some holes at the bottom of buckets to drainage well. Then, you can sow seeds in the potting soil of buckets or plant seedlings, both promise to work fine. In addition, don’t forget other basic cares such as watering, feeding fertilizers, exposing to sunlight.

#1 Cucumbers

Source: Rivercliffcottage

Cucumbers prefer to grow in full sun. You can grow it from seeds and seedlings. When they mature, you should give support with trellis.

#2 Lettuce

Source: Iamcountryside

You can grow Lettuce easily in buckets by sowing the seeds of lettuce directly in the soil or regrow lettuce from kitchen scraps of lettuce.

#3 Peppers

Source: Growveg

You can grow Peppers easily from the seeds of store-bought peppers. Simply, open them and collect seeds from those healthy peppers. And then, sow them directly in the potting soil of buckets or sow them in a seed tray.

#4 Peas

Source: Attainable-sustainable

Growing Peas is quite easy by sowing the seeds indoors in seed trays. When they grow up about 5-6 inches in length, it’s the time of transplanting the seedlings in your outdoor buckets.

#5 Onion

Source: Finegardening

Onion is one of the easiest vegetables that you can start growing onions in buckets from seeds or seedlings. They grow happily when gotten 6-7 hours of direct sunlight per day and have enough space.

#6 Spinach

Source: Greensguru

Spinach is great healthy leafy green and you can grow this vegetable in buckets easily by sowing the seeds directly in the potting soil of your buckets.

#7 Ginger

Source: Homesteading

You can totally regrow Ginger from the scraps in the kitchen by picking some good and healthy-looking rhizomes of ginger split them into pieces and planting them in the soil. Don’t forget to give them water and watch them grow.

#8 Garlic

Source: Fethiyetimes

Like ginger, you also grow Garlic easily with its scrap in the kitchen. Simply, pick some healthy bulbs of garlic from your kitchen, split them into cloves. Select some healthy and big cloves and sow them in the soil. Give the distance of about 5-6 inches between each clove and water regularly.

#9 Carrots

Source: Gardenerspath

You can grow small carrot types easily in buckets by sowing the seeds of carrots directly in the potting soil of your buckets. Keep in mind that give them water.

#10 Radishes

Source: Dengarden

Radishes are great vegetables to grow in a bucket. After a short time, they can be harvested. Growing them directly from the seeds.

#11 Kale

Source: Ruralsprout

This leafy green veggie can grow easily in a bucket. You just sow the seeds of kale directly in the soil in a 5-gallon bucket, water it regularly and after a few weeks you will get tons of them.

#12 Beans

Source: Kitchen-garden.be

Beans have two different varieties including bush varieties and vine varieties. Whether you love eating any type, you also grow them easily in buckets. Give them trellis to support when they mature.

#13 Beets

Source: Containergardenbeds

There are some types of Beets such as red color, yellow and albino varieties. They all are great for growing in buckets.

#14 Turmeric

Source: Suburbantomato

Like ginger, garlic, and onion, Turmeric is so easy-to-grow in buckets, and the way to grow it is similar to these veggies.

#15 Tomatoes

Source: Oldworldgardenfarms

For Tomatoes, you should grow bush varieties in buckets. Give a cage for your tomato plants when they mature. This veggie needs 6-8 hours of sunlight per day for the best growth, so you should pick a very sunny location for them.

#16 Swiss Chard

Source: Pixels

Swiss Chard is another healthy green and easy-to-grow. You can grow it easily in the bucket from its seeds.

#17 Cherry Tomatoes

Source: Elbardyforexport

There are so many varieties of cherry tomatoes available you can choose from. You can grow it in buckets from its buy seedlings or seeds, even kitchen scraps.

#18 Okra

Source: Hgvt

Okra is very easy to grow with the great germination rate of seeds. Just pick your favorite variety of okra and buy some seeds from the market, then sow the seeds directly in the soil. Dont’ forget to give them water and place your buckets at a sunny location.

#19 Broccoli

Source: Grow-it-organically

If you want to grow Broccoli in buckets, give it more space as it is a heavy feeder. And a 5-gallon bucket is ideal for its growth.

#20 Potatoes

Source: Gardeningknowhow

Potatoes are great choice to grow in containers. They can be regrown easily from kitchen potato scraps.

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