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20+ Dreamy Lavender & Lilac Nails That’ll Steal Your Heart

by Navy

With hot summer days like this, lavender and lilac purple will make your appearance and the atmosphere around you much lighter and cooler. Also, it helps to raise your skin tone very well. Let’s take a look at some lavender and lilac nail designs that are being loved the most by girls.

Plain lavender and lilac nail designs

Painting your nails in lavender and lilac color is the simplest but most effective option. A gentle plain nail is more than enough to show your femininity and sweetness. In particular, if you own a bright white skin tone, this nail color also helps your hands become more prominent.







Rhinestone lavender and lilac nail designs

A popular way to decorate nails is to attach stones. You can also apply this decoration to make your light lavender and lilac nail set more complete. The sparkling stones when attached to the nail will create a highlight to help the nail set stand out. If you know how to use it properly, you can easily create beautiful shimmering nail designs by attaching stones.






Sparkling lavender and lilac nail designs

Another decoration that is also quite popular in nail art is glitter. With this decoration, you get a set of lavender and lilac nails that are sparkling but also extremely gentle. Depending on your preferences, you can choose between full nail glitter or half nail polish. Besides, you can also decorate one (or several) nails with glitter instead of painting the whole hand.

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Ombre lavender and lilac nail designs

In recent years, ombre nail designs are “storming” on beauty sites. By combining two (or more) colors together, nail artists create interesting gradient nail designs. You can also apply this decor to complete your lavender and lilac nail designs.









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