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17 Lovely Black Short Nails For Ladies To Try In 2022

by Ruby

If you’re looking for a fresh way to style your nails or some fun new nail ideas, black nails are a great option this season!

When I mention a black manicure, you might think of simply painting your nails with black nail polish, but black nails can be far more interesting.

Black nails and black nail designs have recently become popular, so now is the time to take out your black nail polish and experiment with some black nail ideas. The best part is that because black nails are neutral, they go with everything. There are also various ways to decorate your nails with black nail polish. Hence, you will surely find your favorite nail look.

If you want to try out the black nail trend, here are 17 stunning and fashionable black nail ideas that you will fall in love with!

17 Gorgeous Black Manicure Ideas Of This Year

Black Cat Nails

The black cat is literally the most popular character when people think of black nail designs. There are plenty of different black cat versions that you can choose from. This owner wants to rock a minimal, delicate cat theme, which is very exquisite.Black Cat Nails

Black Butterfly Nails

Black butterflies are also other famous “stars” of the black nail polish galaxy.Black Butterfly Nails

Black And Neon Nails

If you want something flamboyant like this, try visiting the Honey Phan nail salon. The artists possess plenty of ideas for neon nail art that can guarantee you the center of attention.Black And Neon Nails

Black Flame Nails

If black flame nails alone are too dull for your taste, why not add in some other embellishments, such as charms and rhinestones? Drawing black and white fire on a lighter base coat could be a wise choice, too.Black Flame Nails

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Black Leopard Print Nails

Black leopard print is always fashionable. It possesses the power that makes anything chic and gorgeous. This nail art is a quintessence. The other bead embellishment really brings out the best of this design.Black Leopard Print Nails

Black Cat Eye Nails

The thing I love the most about black cat-eye polish is that it comes with endless color possibilities. You can literally see one black base color that will be mixed with various shades of shimmer. What’s more, you can even use a magnet to style the shimmering effect.Black Cat Eye Nails

Black Pointy Nails

These pointy nails may look dangerous from afar, but if you look closely, they turn out to be beautiful creations.Black Pointy Nails

Black Fall Nails

Nothing can describe the color of fall more accurately than gold.Black Fall Nails

Black Goth Nails

This black nail art with chains will satisfy your gothic soul.Black Goth Nails

Black Holographic Nails

Colorful holographic streaks on a black matte coat of nail polish are a good way to depict your personality or your mood. Imagine changing the glittery color combination daily to tell people how you feel that day!Black Holographic Nails

Burgundy And Black Nails

There are various ways to rock black and burgundy. This is one creative way.Burgundy And Black Nails

Black Chrome Nails

Use chrome powder and rub it on the tip of your black nails to create this futuristic version of French tips.Black Chrome Nails

Black Snake Nails

Does this remind you of the Aztec civilization?Black Snake Nails

Black And Teal Nails

This funky black and teal nail art idea is so adorable.Black And Teal Nails

Black Galaxy Nails

I have always loved the galaxy theme, but depicting it on the nails can be tough. Luckily, there is a simpler version that you can even do by yourself. The above design is achieved by painting a multi-shaded shimmering cat-eye nail polish on your nails. Add in some stars and dots, and you are done!Black Galaxy Nails

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Black Claw Nails

These black claw nails are stunning!Black Claw Nails

Black Outline Nails

This design with its black outline is intricate and sophisticated.Black Outline Nails

Black can help you pull out so many designs with distinctive vibes. As long as you are creative, you can draw almost anything with black.

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