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20 Flamboyant Leo Tattoos For Members Of The Lion Club

by Ruby

Many people believe in horoscopes and astrology, and these subjects aren’t just for palm readers or fortune tellers. If you are ambitious and generous while also being stubborn, you may be a Leo. Each zodiac sign has its own ruling body and element. Leos are a feisty group who are ruled by the sun and have the element of fire.

As a Leo, you are born to be a charismatic leader. You are chatty, sociable, and attractive. And those around you either adore you or are terrified of your commanding personality.

Let’s look at some Leo celebrities to see how unique Leos are. Jennifer Lopez, Barack Obama, Sandra Bullock, and Leonardo DiCaprio, to name a few. They are not only well-known; they are also leaders.

You have every reason to be proud to be a Leo. What’s better than a bold zodiac tattoo? To get you started, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most beautiful Leo tattoo designs that will turn heads.

Best 20 Leo Tattoos Of 2022

Leo Constellation Tattoo

The lion’s head on top of the Leo constellation is a double assertion. Rocking this, you are strongly declaire to everyone that you are proud to be a Leo.Leo Constellation Tattoo

Minimalist Leo Constellation Tattoo

Simple but very informative. What could be a better way to flaunt your personality than by tattooing your birthday and zodiac sign on your back?Minimalist Leo Constellation Tattoo

Simple Leo Tattoo Designs

I am obsessed with this idea. There are a lot of potentials with this soundtrack tattoo. You can change your birthday to the name of your favorite song or anything else you want. If you want to turn this into a couple’s tattoo, do not worry. All you need to do is to change the zodiac sign.Simple Leo Tattoo Designs

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Small Leo Tattoos

Girls love small, elegant zodiac tattoos. There are a lot of reasons: it is easier to cover, it looks cuter, and it can be erased easily when the owner does not want it anymore. More importantly, you can have it inked on any part of your body.Small Leo Tattoos

Leo Sun Tattoo

Leo is the quintessence of a sun-ruled zodiac sign, with such an energetic personality. Hence, more than anyone, you have the right to integrate this beautiful symbol with your zodiac sign.Leo Sun Tattoo

Leo Sleeve Tattoo

I only have two words for this: gorgeous and painstaking.Leo Sleeve Tattoo

Leo Neck Tattoos

Okay, this tattoo does not only represent Leo but also the whole cat species.Leo Neck Tattoos

Leo Thigh Tattoos

If you feel bold and enjoy everyone’s attention, try inking this grandeur design on your thigh. You will love it.Leo Thigh Tattoos

Leo Wrist Tattoo

If a huge lion’s head on your thigh is too big for you, you can shrink it down and place it on your wrist.Leo Wrist Tattoo

Leo Forearm Tattoo

Have you ever considered rocking a watercolor Leo tattoo?Leo Forearm Tattoo

Gemini Leo Tattoo

Gemini and Leo are an inseparable couple.Gemini Leo Tattoo

Leo Finger Tattoo

Such a cute finger design.Leo Finger Tattoo

Leo Chest Tattoo

Tattooing a Leo sign on your chest will make you look hotter and sexier.Leo Chest Tattoo

Leo Arm Tattoo

Very sophisticated, very gorgeous.Leo Arm Tattoo

Leo Leg Tattoos

This is a creative idea.Leo Leg Tattoos

Leo Shoulder Tattoo

If you are fed up with big black lines, you can consider this new idea.Leo Shoulder Tattoo

Feminine Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Lions with flowers are popular among ladies.Feminine Leo Zodiac Sign Tattoo

Leo Tattoos For Men

Guys, what do you think about this one?Leo Tattoos For Men

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Leo Flower Tattoo

Just by looking at this design, one can totally tell that the owner is a beautiful lady.Leo Flower Tattoo

A Leo tattoo design can be an excellent way to express your competitive nature. We hope that the variety of options presented in this article has simplified your decision-making process. Choose a design that best reflects your personality and tastes. Please let us know if you found this article useful.



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