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20 Lovely and Cool Rainbow Garden Ideas

by Marry Dell

If you have a small garden and you want to make it look more interesting instead of just having the green color of vegetables. Discover the 20 Lovely and Cool Rainbow Garden Ideas for a splash of colors that everyone will fall in love with. They are also great for those who love creativity and DIY projects, so you don’t have to look any further, a few inspiring ideas to get you started are ready here to help.
20 Lovely and Cool Rainbow Garden Ideas
Color gardens are not only fun for adults, but they can also be educational for kids who love nature more. Not just that, your kid will have a chance to practice rather than watch TV or search the internet all the time. Creating a rainbow garden theme is an easy process that will help spark interest in these little gardeners. All are unique and fun to encourage your kid’s imagination to run wild. After reading this post, we hope that you and your kids will find some ideas that give them a try together.

#1 Clay Pot Rain Chain

Instead of a standard metal or plastic rain chain, this decorative option features small clay pots that are strung together to create a visually captivating and functional rainwater diversion system. As rainwater flows down the chain, the charming clay pots guide it from your roof to the ground, creating a soothing and melodious water feature.

Source: Diyncrafts

The colorful painted clay pots not only serve a practical purpose in managing rainwater but also add a vibrant and artistic element to your outdoor decor. A Colorful Clay Pot Rain Chain is an innovative and eye-catching way to enhance your garden or landscape while promoting sustainable water management.

#2 Rainbow DIY Mushrooms

Creating the rainbow DIY mushrooms is a whimsical and creative outdoor decoration that adds a burst of color and charm to your garden or landscaping. Crafted from various materials like repurposed tree stumps, wooden logs, or even painted rocks, these vibrant mushrooms are often adorned with a spectrum of rainbow colors.

Source: Catchmyparty

They can be easily made with some simple DIY techniques, making them a fun and affordable project. When placed in your yard, these rainbow mushrooms create a playful and enchanting atmosphere, inviting a touch of fantasy and magic to your outdoor space. These eye-catching, homemade garden ornaments add a sense of delight and wonder to your yard, turning it into a colorful and imaginative outdoor haven.

#3 Veggie Stones

The bright colorful veggie stone markers are a charming garden art that brings a touch of whimsy to your vegetable garden. They can be made from smooth stones or rocks, these markers are typically hand-painted with vivid colors and the names of various vegetables or herbs. You can place them in any space among your vegetable garden beds; they not only serve as functional labels for your crops but also add a delightful burst of color and character to your garden.

Source: Windandweather

These markers not only help you identify and organize your plants, but they also infuse a sense of creativity and personality into your vegetable garden. They are a fun and eye-catching way to bring both order and flair to your garden, making it a delightful and informative addition to your outdoor space.

#4 Rainbow Bird Bath

This birth bath is a vibrant and artistic addition to your garden or outdoor space. This eye-catching creation is made by stacking clay pots of varying sizes to form the base and pedestal of the bird bath. At the top, a beautifully painted dish, adorned with a rainbow of colors, serves as the water basin.

Source: Morningchores

As sunlight hits the painted surface, it creates a mesmerizing play of colors and reflects the water, making it an attractive focal point for birds and a striking piece of garden art. It provides a source of refreshment for feathered visitors and also adds a splash of creativity and joy to your outdoor decor, turning your garden into a colorful oasis for both you and your avian friends.

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#5 Rainbow Dry Creek

The colorful landscaping is a whimsical and artistic yard feature that transforms a simple dry creek bed into a captivating and eye-catching element in your outdoor space. To create this enchanting design, river pebbles and rocks are thoughtfully arranged in the dry creek, and then painted with an array of bright and vibrant colors.

Source: Talesfromthetravellingartteacher

This creative endeavor adds an imaginative and playful touch to your garden or yard, as the colorful rocks mimic the appearance of a flowing river, creating the illusion of water winding through your landscape. It not only adds a stunning visual element to your outdoor decor but also encourages a sense of wonder and exploration, making it a delightful and engaging addition to your garden that can be enjoyed by all.

#6 Tipsy Pots Planter

The colorful tipsy pots planter is a whimsical and innovative garden design that adds a touch of playfulness and creativity to any outdoor space. To make this charming planter, stacking a series of pots of varying sizes and colors in a slightly off-kilter manner, resembling a whimsical, “tipsy” arrangement.

Source: Balconydecoration

As the pots are stacked askew, they create a visually captivating and multi-tiered planter, allowing you to showcase a variety of plants, herbs, or flowers in a unique and eye-catching display.

#7 Rainbow Garden Friends

Rainbow Garden Friends, made from repurposed garbage bins painted in bright colors with human shapes, is a whimsical and eco-friendly addition to your garden. This imaginative DIY project takes discarded bins and transforms them into charming and sustainable flower planters. With a colorful and cheerful appearance, these planters breathe new life into otherwise overlooked objects.

Source: Comofazeremcasa

By repurposing waste materials, you not only contribute to recycling efforts but also create eye-catching planters that showcase a variety of vibrant flowers and greenery. These upcycled planters add a sense of playfulness and sustainability to your garden, turning ordinary containers into lovable garden companions that brighten up your outdoor space while championing eco-consciousness.

#8 Tin Can Flower Garden

These colorful planters repurpose used tin cans, which are painted and adorned in a variety of vibrant and eye-catching colors. These upcycled tin cans serve as charming and budget-friendly planters for your favorite flowers or herbs.

Source: Ishouldbemoppingthefloor

Not only do they add a playful and artistic touch to your garden, but they also showcase your plants with a pop of color and personality. These upcycled planters are a testament to creativity and eco-conscious gardening, turning ordinary containers into attractive garden adornments that transform your outdoor space into a vibrant and eco-friendly haven.

#9 Rainbow Garden Gate

The rainbow garden gate made from branches, cleverly formed into pencil shapes and adorned with a spectrum of vibrant colors, is a whimsical and imaginative entrance to your outdoor paradise. This innovative DIY project combines the rustic charm of natural branches with a playful burst of artistic flair.

Source: Beafunmum

Assembled to create the illusion of colorful pencils, this garden gate not only adds a unique and enchanting element to your garden but also acts as a functional barrier to demarcate your outdoor space. With its eye-catching and playful design, the unique gate invites you to enter a world of creativity and wonder, setting the tone for a colorful and magical outdoor experience. It’s a charming and whimsical addition that infuses joy and personality into your garden or landscape.

#10 Rainbow Garden Bench

This impressive outdoor bench, creatively created from branches shaped like pencils and painted with an array of vibrant colors, is a whimsical and artistic addition to your outdoor space. It fuses the natural beauty of branches with a playful and colorful design. The bench offers a comfortable seating area, allowing you to relax and enjoy your garden while being surrounded by the enchanting and imaginative atmosphere created by the rainbow pencil shapes.

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Source: Furnitubes

This unique piece of outdoor furniture not only adds a sense of charm and creativity to your garden but also provides a delightful and eye-catching spot to rest and take in the beauty of your outdoor surroundings. It is a colorful and inviting focal point that turns your garden into a vibrant and whimsical haven.

#11 Rainbow Clay Pot Planters

These bright flower planters attached to a garden fence are a lively and space-saving gardening solution that transforms a dull fence into a vibrant and artistic display. These whimsical planters feature an assortment of clay pots, each painted in a spectrum of rainbow colors and secured to the fence at various heights. The effect is a striking and eye-catching vertical garden that not only maximizes your growing space but also adds a burst of color and charm to your outdoor environment.

Source: Bhg

These planters create an enchanting and playful display that showcases a variety of flowers, herbs, or succulents, turning your garden fence into a delightful and colorful work of living art. It’s a practical and visually captivating way to make the most of your outdoor space.

#12 Rainbow Cinder Block Planters

These DIY planters use stacking and arranging cinder blocks in various configurations, painting them in a vibrant spectrum of rainbow colors, and using hollow compartments as planting spaces. The result is a striking and whimsical display of flowers, herbs, or succulents, with each colorful block serving as a planter.

Source: Genialne

They infuse a playful and artistic element into your garden while providing efficient and organized growing space for your plants. This imaginative and affordable gardening project is an excellent way to transform your outdoor environment into a vibrant and visually captivating haven.

#13 Cinder Block Bar

This bar version is a creative and versatile DIY project that transforms ordinary cinder blocks into a colorful and functional outdoor bar. By painting the cinder blocks in a vibrant spectrum of rainbow colors and arranging them to form a bar-like structure, you can create an eye-catching and playful addition to your outdoor space.

Source: Brit

The hollow compartments of the cinder blocks can be used for storage, shelving, or even planter spaces, adding both practicality and artistic flair to the design. It is a fun and budget-friendly way to infuse personality and creativity into your outdoor decor, making it a vibrant and stylish gathering place for socializing and enjoying your outdoor space.

#14 Lovely Rainbow Vertical Garden

This vertical garden is a delightful and artistic gardening project that transforms simple wooden boxes into a burst of colorful and vibrant planters. Each wooden box is meticulously painted in a spectrum of bright and cheerful colors, creating an eye-catching and playful display.

Source: Thepapermama

When arranged vertically on wooden frames and placed near a wall or fence, these colorful planters provide an efficient and space-saving solution for growing a variety of flowers, herbs, or succulents. Apart from adding a visual feast of color to your outdoor space, this vertical garden also helps to maximize your gardening potential in a limited area.

#15 Upcycled Rainbow Pallet DIY Planter

The artistic gardening project breathes new life into old wooden pallets, transforming them into vibrant and eye-catching planters by painting them in a dazzling spectrum of rainbow colors. Each tier or section of the pallet can host an array of plants, creating a multi-level garden display that adds a burst of color and personality to your outdoor space.

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Source: Diyideacenter

It is not only an eco-conscious gardening solution but also a testament to creativity, allowing you to cultivate a variety of flowers, herbs, or succulents in an innovative and space-efficient manner. It’s a charming and sustainable addition to any garden or outdoor setting, turning your space into a colorful and vibrant space.

#16 Rainbow Tin Can Flower Planters

The vertical flower planters attached to a pole are a whimsical and eco-friendly gardening solution that transforms a simple support structure into a vibrant and artistic display. This creative project uses upcycling tin cans, painting them in a spectrum of rainbow colors, and then attaching them to a vertical pole or post.

Source: Balconygardenweb

The result is a striking and visually captivating vertical garden that provides an efficient and space-saving way to showcase a variety of flowers, herbs, or succulents. They create a stunning and cheerful focal point in your outdoor space, turning a pole into a colorful and vibrant haven for your greenery.

#17 Rainbow Vegetable Garden Boxes

Rainbow Vegetable Garden Boxes made from wooden crates and painted with an array of vivid colors are a delightful and practical addition to your garden. These upcycled crates, brought to life with the vibrant hues of the rainbow, are ingeniously repurposed to create charming and efficient planters for growing a variety of vegetables.

Source: Bhg

Each crate serves as a dedicated and visually striking container for specific vegetable crops, adding a sense of organization and playfulness to your garden. This sustainable and creative gardening project turns ordinary crates into a colorful and functional patchwork of fresh produce, adding both beauty and functionality to your outdoor space.

#18 Colorful Plastic Bags With Stunning Summer Flowers

By painting or decorating plastic bags with a variety of bright and cheerful colors, you can transform these everyday items into eye-catching containers for your flowers or herbs. When hung or displayed in your garden, these colorful plastic bag flower planters add a touch of whimsy and personality to your decor.

Source: Balconygardenweb

They provide a budget-friendly and space-saving way to grow and showcase your favorite plants while contributing to recycling and sustainability efforts. These planters are not only a creative expression of your love for gardening but also a playful and environmentally conscious addition to your indoor or outdoor space.

#19 Hanging Umbrella Planters

These unique planters take the shape of upside-down umbrellas, typically crafted from metal, and are painted in an array of cheerful and eye-catching colors. When mounted on a wall or fence, they create an enchanting vertical garden display. The umbrella canopy provides a whimsical and playful setting for a variety of plants, flowers, or herbs.

Source: Farmerlife

They contribute to maximizing your gardening space but also add an artistic and cheerful element to your outdoor decor. This delightful and space-efficient gardening solution turns your garden into a colorful and inviting haven, providing both a visually striking and functional addition to your outdoor environment.

#20 Rainbow Balcony Garden

These colorful plant boxes, grown vertically to create a charming rainbow balcony garden, are a vibrant and space-efficient way to turn your small outdoor space into a lush and artistic oasis. By utilizing vertical planting boxes, typically painted in a spectrum of colorful and cheerful hues, you can cultivate a variety of flowers, herbs, or succulents on your balcony.

Source: Louisvilledecor

The cheerful setup not only maximizes your growing space but also adds a burst of color and personality to your open space. They create a playful and visually captivating display that showcases your greenery, transforming your balcony into a lively and inviting haven. This charming and efficient gardening solution is a testament to both functionality and creativity, infusing a sense of joy and nature into your urban or compact outdoor setting.

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