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20+ NYE Nail Designs To Kiss 2022 Goodbye

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The last month of the year is gradually closing to welcome the moment of season change. This is also the favorite time for the ladies when they can wear trendy clothes to the parties. However, a beautiful dress is not enough, the “genuine” women also need a really suitable nail model to be “set”. And if you are wondering what color to choose to stand out without being too “glaring”, let’s follow the 20+ NYE nail suggestions!

Ruby NYE nail designs

With the advantage of being the traditional color of the New Year, red automatically tops your list. However, unlike the familiar vibrant red color, ruby ​​red hides a more luxurious beauty because of its reasonable depth. In addition, this color is not picky on the skin and always “flatters” your hands brighter and smoother. So, do not rush to ignore this color when wearing smooth nails, glitter nails, or ombre nails!







Emerald NYE nail designs

Emerging from the previous fashion season, emerald green has not yet “turned out” as it continues to become the most popular nail color in the year-end party season. Just like enough ruby, this color is extremely flattering with rich hues. In addition, with a color tone suitable for the Christmas season, the stylish girl can rest assured that she is extremely outstanding!






Sapphire NYE nail designs

You probably still remember the navy blue color that was loved by many ladies during the Fall/Winter of 2022. However, not only “exclusive” in the field of clothing, but sapphire blue is also created by beauty experts in the field of extremely delicate nails. And of course, with such luxurious and deep colors, no girl will miss this shimmering nail polish for the end of the year.

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Magenta NYE nail designs

If you are a girl who has immediately updated the popular bright magenta tone for your year-end outfit, nothing will be more suitable than the accompanying glittering ton-sur-ton magenta nail set. However, to really not look too old or dazzling, use a moderate and tiny shimmer to keep the necessary subtlety!









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