20 Striking Living Room Designs with Garden Ideas

by Marry Dell

    Adding green plants to the living room is one of the great ways to give your indoor space more alive, fresh, and inviting. In the article, we’ve listed 20 Striking Living Room Designs with Garden Ideas that will turn your room into a living green paradise. It is easy to enjoy the beauty of nature right in your tiny space from these inspirations!
    20 Striking Living Room Designs with Garden Ideas
    Design an indoor garden, means you will have some benefits. For example, a room full of greenery always reverberates a calm environment, green plants can add to the aesthetic appeal of your home, or purify the air and refresh the atmosphere entirely in the home. Miniaturized indoor garden projects can include small plants in extraordinary compositions, vertical gardens on walls, or suspended plant pots from the ceiling near your window, and more. All will become a nice addition and help you add plants to your home with style.

    #1 Hanging Vertical Garden

    Source: Alanearchitecturepllc

    #2 A Living Stair

    Source: Reddit

    #3 A Lush Tropical Garden In Living Room

    Source: Pinterest

    #4 Indoor Garden with a Hammock

    Source: Dropgarden

    #5 Green Color Is Center

    Source: Blog.omysa

    #6 Potted Indoor Garden

    Source: Reddit

    #7 Indoor Plants Display with Vining Plants

    Source: Universa

    #8 A Green Wall

    Source: Casavogue.globo

    #9 Big and Tall Plant Pots

    Source: Livingetc

    #10  A Green Corner For Living Room

    Source: Instagram

    #11 Plant Wall Shelf Idea

    Source: Loveandrenovations

    #12 Living Room Overlooking a Long Garden

    Source: Nextluxury

    #13 Living Room with an Open Garden

    Source: Larissa Bertu

    #14 A Plant World for Small Living Room

    Source: Aucoindesrues

    #15 Boho Living Room Decor Idea with Plants

    Source: Omysa

    #16 Large Living Space With Plants

    Source: Notjustahousewife

    #17 A Hanging Climbing Plant Collection

    Source: Emily

    #18 A Small Tropical Garden Under Stair

    Source: Dezeen

    #19 Place A Giant Monstera Deliciosa Swiss Cheese Plant Pot

    Source: Etsy

    #20 A Zen Garden Under The Stair

    Source: Casadevalentina

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