21 DIY Fairy Light Ideas To Liven Up Your Garden In The Dark Of The Evening

Finding ideas to liven up your outdoor living space in the evening, you’ve come to the right place. Here is the list of the 21 DIY Fairy Light Ideas To Liven Up Your Garden that helps you enjoy long evenings spent in your outdoor space with fresh air, green tree, and cool wind. Also, these fairy light ideas will add a little magic to your garden at night time.
21 DIY Fairy Light Ideas To Liven Up Your Garden In The Dark Of The Evening
From creating a cozy nook on your pathway to lighting up your outdoor living or dining space, we’ve collected different ideas for you. They are DIY projects that you can make easily such as candles in tin cans, a bicycle wheel with string lights, or creating a faux fire pit with lights, and more, all of them can allow you to enjoy your backyard more fully. So, grab some lights and get inspired by these awesome fairy light display ideas, and make your own version.

#1 Bicycle Wheel Fairy Lights

Source: Pinterest

#2 Tree Stump Fairy Light

Source: Wonderfuldiy

#3 Tower Fairy Lights

Source: Kitchenfunwithmy3sons

#4 Fairy Lights On Grass

Source: Hoselink

#5 Lights For A Garden Seating

Source: Twenty5K Creative

#6 Tree Fairy Lights

Source: Familyfocusblog

#7 Hanging Glass Jar Candle Holders

Source: Nowtolove

#8 DIY Tin Can Lantern

Source: Gofeminin

#9 A String Light For Rustic Outdoor Dining Table

Source: 1000bulbs

#10 DIY Fire Pit Fairy Lights

Source: Clemaroundthecorner

#11 Hanging Mason Jar Fairy Lights

Source: Moonshinelamp

#12 Old Teacup Fairy Lights

Source: Sam.mirtesen

#13 Fairy Lights For Garden Fence

Source: Lushome

#14 Watering Can with Lights

Source: Smartschoolhouse

#15 Hanging Solar Garden Lights

Source: Gardeners

#16 Magical Lights in the Fairy Garden

Source: Littletudorontheprairie

#17 Water Tap Fairy Lights

Source: Pinterest

#18 Birdcage Fairy Lights

Source: Theculturetrip

#19 Lighted Garden Hose Wreath

Source: Thenavagepatch

#20 Lovely Terrarium Fairy Lights

Source: Thinkmakeshareblog

#21 Watering Can Lights And Fairy Garden

Source: Sean Alexander

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