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21 Inspiring Indoor Plant Corner Ideas

by Marry Dell

It’s time to add a green vibe and glamour to your empty corner space into a vivid place by getting ideas from these 21 Inspiring Indoor Plant Corners for having erogenous home decor. They will help in bringing a fresh breath of style to your rooms! With these ideas, you can turn unused, boring, or unattractive space into an area of beauty, tranquility, fun, and more where you can immerse yourself in nature right in your home.
21 Inspiring Indoor Plant Corner Ideas
Simply, just placing a tree pot or a hanging basket in any of your rooms, you can turn reinforced concrete spaces and blank walls into soft and elegant places. They are all subtly gorgeous additions to any room, from a classical or elegant look for your garden, all are here to create a nature-themed indoor living space and help you enjoy the beauty of greenery. We are sure that one of these ideas here belongs to your home decor designs!

#1 A Big Plant Pot for The Corner of The Stair

Source: Bocadolobo

#2 Beautiful Hanging Plants Perfect For The Corner of Apartment

Source: Thefab20s

#3 4-Piece Handmade Boho Macrame Plant Hanger

Source: Sageandsill

#4 DIY Old Ladder Trellis for a Vining Plant

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#5 A Climbing Plant at a Celing’s Corner

Source: Apartmenttherapy

#6 Simple Plant Shelf

Source: Momooze

#7 DIY Round Wood Shelf Plant Hanger

Source: Simplehomesimplelife

#8 Turn Your Corner into a Leafy Oasis

Source: Therugseller

#9 A Wood Plant Shelf Display

Source: Reddit

#10 Gorgeous Indoor Plants Are Grown In Russtic Frames

Source: Gardentherapy

#11 A Corner With Hanging Plants

Source: Cocondedecoration

#12 Bringing The Outside In With Plants

Source: Susanearlam

#13 A Truly Green Corner with Dark Pots

Source: Urban Plant Boutique

#14 A Big Monstera Plant with String Lights

Source: Reddit

#15 Small Plants Corner

Source: Astucesdefilles

#16 A Small Greenhouse for The Sunny Corner

Source: Thehoneycombhome

#17 The Art Of Slow Living

Source: Pinterest

#18 Mason Jar Herb Garden For Kitchen Corner

Source: Etsy

#19 A Houseplant Display For The Corner By The Window

Source: Pinterest

#20 Cozy Corner In The Living Room Surrounded By Plants

Source: Ali Freitag

#21 A Big Low-maintenance Indoor Plant for The Corner of The Living Room

Source: Deavita

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