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24 Mind-Blowing DIY Night Light Ideas

by Joyce

Night lights always bring cozy light that helps you feel calm and relaxed; that’s why you have a sound sleep when there’s a night light covering your room.

Therefore, you need some lovely night lights to provide your rooms with a soft, pleasant glow at night. And instead of spending money on stores, you can make some of your own simple and charming night lamps utilizing items you probably already have around the house.

If you believe you possess some creative magic, try one of these 20 incredible DIY night light ideas at home. After seeing these night light ideas, you’ll see how simple it is to become handy. Now let’s try them out and banish the darkness in the most beautiful and enjoyable way.

#1. DIY Paper Pyramid Lanterns

Source: TinkerLab

#2. DIY Night Lamp Light Stand

Source: Instructables

#3. DIY Japanese Paper Night Light

Source: YouTube

#4. Easy Geometric Origami Rice Paper Night Lamp

Source: YouTube

#5. A Colorful Pendant Lamp

Source: YouTube

#6. DIY Mason Jar Chandelier

Source: DIY Projects

#7. DIY Hanging Wine Bottle Pendants

Source: YouTube

#8. DIY Night Lamp Shade With Bottles

Source: L A N A R E D S T U D I O

#9. Make A DIY Bottle Lamp

Source: Pinterest

#10. DIY Paper Yarn Lamps

Source: Instructables

#11. Make A Paper Mache Lamp

Source: Pretty Prudent

#12. DIY Rustic Lampshade Made Of Yarn

Source: Instructables

#13. Knit Cozy Lamp Shade

Source: Pinterest

#14. Twine Wrapped Lampshade

Source: Collective Gen

#15. DIY Woven Basket Lighting


#16. Make A Rattan Pendant Light

Source: Cottage Living and Style

#17. DIY Rattan Style Lampshade

Source: Dossier Blog

#18. DIY Boho Rattan Floor Lamp

Source: Fall For DIY

#19. DIY Bamboo Weaven Pendant Light

Source: Pinterest

#20. DIY Decorative Bamboo Lamp

Source: Pinterest

#21. DIY Driftwood Hanging Chandelier

Source: Reddit

#22. Hanging Bottle Lamps With Upcycled Drift Wood

Source: Pinterest

#23. DIY Driftwood Pendant Light Shade

Source: DIY Driftwood

#24. DIY Wooden Ball Lamps From Twigs Or Driftwood

Source: My Desired Home

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