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7 Gorgeous Pink Plants Every Girl Will Fall In Love With

by Joyce

Pink indoor plants are undoubtedly popular right now, and it’s easy to see why. Indoor plants not only improve the overall ambiance of a place, but studies have shown that they may improve emotions, lower stress, and help clean the air of contaminants.

Not to add that pink plants look great no matter where you put them! There’s a pink plant for everyone, with exquisite color variants, sizes, and shapes available. Don’t know where to begin? Continue reading to discover the 7 most beautiful pink plants to showcase around your house, the majority of which are newbie-friendly!

#1. String Of Hearts


The vine of love. Rosary bush. a heart-shaped chain. This fashionable trailing vine plant, or whatever you want to call it, has stunning pink variegated leaves that are great for bringing color to shelves and window sills. They are also fantastic hanging plants!

Seasonal changes in color and light intensity cause the appearance of little purple blooms a few times a year. Because of their semi-succulent nature, upkeep is low; in the summer, most plants only require one or two waterings each week.

#2. Arrowhead

Source: MyDomaine

The Pink Arrowhead plant, or Syngonium Neon Robusta if you want to get technical, is a lovely pink variant of the well-known Arrowhead family! Their lovely arrow-shaped leaves resemble pink hearts, adding color and affection to any space.

They are exceptionally easy to care for as a minimal maintenance plant, making them the ideal plant for even the most inexperienced plant parent.

#3. Polka Dot Plant

Source: The Contented Plant

Common indoor plants with a variety of colorful displays include polka dot plants, often known as freckle face in Australia. They come in red or white, but the pink splash variety is by far the most popular.

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Does anyone else occasionally forget to water their plants? Us too! Thankfully, these plants don’t have a dramatic side. Even though they thrive in loads of water, they can still live and will still bloom, albeit fewer. Unfortunately, they won’t make it through the winter, especially if you keep them outside.

#4. Pink Princess’ Philodendron

Source: Cube House Jungle

Philodendrons are the ideal indoor plant for beginners since they thrive in warm environments and are resilient. It’s understandable why the Pink Princess variety has had such a phenomenal rise in popularity given its gorgeous leaves and simple maintenance requirements.

It’s perfect for bringing a bit of pink AND green to your d├ęcor because of the bubblegum pink streaks. It is simpler to find lower-variegated philodendrons, although they could have fewer pink leaves. More expensive philodendrons often have higher variegation. In the end, it all comes down to personal preference. Everyone like a nice game of chance.

#5. Rose-Painted Calathea

Source: The Jungle Collective

This vibrant, low-growing shade plant features eye-catching oval leaves with a brilliant pink center surrounded by dark green. The lovely purple undersides of the plant are revealed when a new leaf emerges.

It’s a beautiful plant, but it takes a little more attention. From a unique pot mix to specialized lighting, if you’re prepared to put in the work, you’ll be rewarded with this lovely pink plant!

#6. Pink Caladiums

Source: American Meadows

The leaves of this tropical plant resemble calathea’s in many ways. Caladiums come in a wide range of pink plants, showcasing some lovely color variations, from pink lady to apple blossom.

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With maturity, caladium leaves will only get bigger and more striking. Whatever shade of pink you decide on will undoubtedly attract the attention of everyone entering the room since it displays a gorgeous colored inner leaf.

#7. ‘Pink Panther’ Callisia

Source: Wild Milano

To complete this list of the most beautiful pink plants, we have the famous ‘Pink Panther’ Callisia plant. This pink plant may offer the right burst of color to your house with its subdued striped leaves in pink, green, and white. Warm and vibrant is the way to go with this one, which has succulent-like properties.

Keep it in a separate pot, dangling over the edge of other pots, or planted in a rocky garden. This beauty will flourish as long as there is enough drainage and semi-regular watering.


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