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25 Creative Halloween Wood Crafts

by Marry Dell

If you are looking for ideas to create a spooky street and home entrances for the end of October, try making some of the 25 Creative Halloween Wood Crafts for a thrill feeling from this festival. With these projects, you don’t have to spend a fortune either, you can recycle old wood around your home such as a pallet, then turn it into a stunning piece to decorate both indoors and outdoors.
25 Creative Halloween Wood Crafts
These wood crafts don’t have to be complicated or require you have a skillful hand. Simply, you just paint and spare wood are all that is needed to make truly remarkable Halloween decorations. All cool and fun projects are collected here, and are you ready to make some holiday magic? Check out the projects below and craft them now!

#1 Wooden Door Hanger Sign Decor

Source: Famliz

#2 Wood Mummy

Source: Designerybydavid

#3 Paint A Board Orange And Add A Boo Sign

Source: Pinterest

#4 A Wood Skull Stake

Source: Pinterest

#5 Wooden Ghosts

Source: Recipemagik

#6 Rustic Wood Pumpkins

Source: Dododsondesigns

#7 Wood Jack-o-lanterns

Source: Woodworkingnetwork

#8 Wood Witch Halloween

Source: Etsy

#9 Painted White Wood Ghosts

Source: Homecrux

#10 Rustic Wooden Scarecrow

Source: Pinterest

#11 A Simple Sign Made From A Pallet

Source: Halloweenforum

#12 Spooky Halloween Sign

Source: Pinterest

#13 Spooky Pallet Halloween Headstones

Source: Twelveonmain

#14 Halloween Signs

Source: Feltmagnet

#15 Halloween Mini Wooden Books

Source: Pinterest

#16 Ghost Family

Source: Greeneyedgirlcrafts.blogspot

#17 Halloween Door Tags

Source: Dongeng Anak Nusantara

#18 A Halloween Hand Painted Wood Sign

Source: Pinterest

#19 Ghost Decor Frame

Source: Fairy07.wixsite

#20 Halloween Pumpkin Porch Sign Fall Scarecrow

Source: Pinterest

#21 Halloween Yard Sign

Source: Cindy Cook

#22 Hanging Wall Halloween Sign

Source: Corinna Walsh

#23 Wood Halloween Trio

Source: Jane

#24 Wooden Monster Friends

Source: Pinterest

#25 Wooden Dracula

Source: Pinterest

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