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10 Beautiful Climbing Plants With Yellow Flowers

by Marry Dell

Climbing plants with yellow flowers stand out with their exquisitely beautiful blooms and can be a jaw-dropping addition to any garden or landscape design, whether added to a chain link fence or a porch post. In the post, we’ve collected 10 Beautiful Climbing Plants With Yellow Flowers for a cheerful, bold pop of color that will wow everyone who visits your home and even bring a sense of relaxation and comfort.
10 Beautiful Climbing Plants With Yellow Flowers
Not only the beauty that these yellow flowers can brighten up your garden but some also can attract beneficial insects to your garden more by striking color. If you want a climbing plant that gets laden with stunning blooms, these flowers are for you! Like other flowers, the beauty of yellow flowers is that there are so many different shades, ranging from the more mellow to the downright vibrant.

#1 Yellow Mandevilla

Source: Fassadengruen

Yellow Mandevilla is a beautiful vining plant, it displays bright, bold trumpet-like yellow flowers. It can reach 8-10 feet and looks stunning on trellises or fences.

#2 Black-Eyed Susan Vine

Source: Georgeweigel

Black-Eyed Susan Vine is from Africa that can reach 8-12 feet tall. The flowers come in shades of deep yellow to orange, white, and salmon shades with black centers.

#3 Nasturtiums

Source: Growforagecookferment

Nasturtiums are trailing or climbing plants that offer bold yellow and orange flowers with green leaves. The plants are edibles and also grown for garnishment purposes, both landscaping and cooking.

#4 Yellow Butterfly Vine

Source: Birdsandblooms

Yellow Butterfly Vine is a stunning vine that thrives in direct sunlight, heat, and little water when mature. It shows off tiny yellow blossoms looking gorgeous on trellises and fences.

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#5 Yellow Trumpet Vine

Source: Flowersong

This Yellow Trumpet Vine is a popular flower, it bears trumpet-like flowers with a peach-yellow hue. The plant prefers to grow in full sunshine.

#6 Tecoma Vine

Source: Plantvine

Tecoma Vine brings a shimmering look with dense clusters of flowers that pop against green leaves. It can be trained on walls or fences to take over the garden with its bright blossoms.

#7 Carolina Jessamine

Source: Weseeds

Carolina Jessamine can reach 20-30 feet in length and grow best in full sunlight. It offers funnel-like canary yellows with a deep golden center.

#8 Trailing Lantana

Source: Tjsgardendotcom1

Trailing Lantana is a ground-covering plant that provides clusters of golden yellow flowers from Spring to the first frost. It thrives in full sun and well-drained soil.

#9 Golden Clematis

Source: Outsidepride

From the summer to the fall, golden clematis displays a mass of droopy, lantern-shaped yellow flowers. You can train it climbing up the boundary wall to watch a gorgeous yellow crown over your house.

#10 Yellow Honeysuckle Vine

Source: Ehow

Yellow Honeysuckle Vine is a famous wood plant that bears yellow tubular blooms from mid to late spring. It grows best in sandy soil and full sun.

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