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25 Fragrant Flowers You Can’t Resist For Your House

by Joyce

Sometimes when you come back home feeling uncomfortable because your house has an awful smell, and daily floor cleaner can not satisfy you, then you can take the flower’s natural fragrance into consideration.

Here are 25 flowers with an extreme fragrance that you can’t skip. Added to their attractive appearance, they also make your house filled with a pleasant aroma. Do you know that fragrance not only helps you relieve stress but also relaxes your mind? According to some reliable research, floral fragrance is an effective treatment for depression.

If you don’t want to order online flowers or rely on flower delivery services you can think of planting these flowers. You’ll then realize that making a homemade flower is more interesting and money-saving than any recreation in the world.

Remember to water them and give them 2-3 hours of sunlight daily to make them bloom perfectly. Some of them are planted both outside and inside the house. Putting them in a ceramic or clay pot would be ideal for decoration. Otherwise, you should try planting it in your garden first, then collect it and display it at a beautiful view of your house!

#1. Madagascar Jasmine

Source: PlantIndex

#2. Hindu Rope Plant

Source: Laidback Gardener

#3. White Jasmine

Source: Pinterest

#4. Sampaguita

Source: Stock Adobe

#5. Betel Leaf Plant

Source: Pinterest

#6. Passion Flower

Source: House&Garden

#7. Princess of the Night

Source: Wikipedia

#8. Garlic Creeper

Source: Stock Adobe

#9. Poet’s Jasmine

Source: Top Tropicals

#10. Ylang Ylang Vine

Source: Stock Adobe

#11. Spearmint

Source: dsblairphotos


Source: desertoutlawapothecary

#13.Corsican Mint

Source: lindaarkelian

#14.Lemon Balm

Source: Mydreamgarden.in

#15.Marino Blue Heliotrope

Source: dirtdigginangel

#16.Silverdrop’ Eucalyptus

Source: Rob Cardillo

#17.‘Angel’s Blushing Beauty’ Angel’s Trumpet

Source: Logee’s Plants

#18.‘Fudingzhu’ Sweet Olive

Source: Logee’s Plants

#19.Lily of the Valley

Source: Pinterest

#20.‘Arp’ Rosemary

Source: Burpee

#21.English Rose ‘Claire Austin’

Source: afewrosesfromme

#22.Mock Orange

Source: sagacraeft

#23.Scented Geranium

Source: suffolkcottage_stories

#24.Arabian Jasmine

Source: botanygeek


Source: gapey

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