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25 Stunning And Simple Tattoos To Add To Your Ink Collection ASAP

by Rebecca

Sometimes, the smallest designs are the ones that leave the most lasting impact. Simple tattoos can evoke the same impression as any intricate or big one with only a few lines or in only a few inches. They can tell a fantastic story with a few strokes or a single symbol, helping you express yourself in the most subtle yet charming way. Plus, the simpler the tattoo is, the faster it will heal, which is ideal for beginners!

So, to help you get inspired on your next parlor trips, here are 25 stunning yet simple tattoos we have gathered from social media. From delicate wrist designs to gorgeous behind-the-ear tattoos, this list has everything you need to fall in love with minimalistic tattoos. Keep scrolling to find your inspiration, and hit the Pin button on your favorite pictures to add them to your Pinterest collection!

1. Simple Tattoos On The Nape

Simple Tattoos On The Nape

2. Simple Tattoos For Shoulder

Simple Tattoos For Shoulder

3. Simple Tattoos On The Spine

Simple Tattoos On The Spine

4. Elegant Quoted Spine Tattoo

Elegant Quoted Spine Tattoo

5. Tattoos In Circle

Simple Tattoos In Circle

6. Mini Tattoos With Cross-Design

Simple Tattoos With Cross-Design

7. Double Hearts

Double Hearts

8. Big Sun

Big Sun

9. Tattoos With Hearted Theme

Simple Tattoos With Hearted Theme

10. Circular Tattoo

Circular Tattoo

11. Simple Tattoos On The Back

Simple Tattoos On The Back

12. Elegant Minimalistic Tattoos

Elegant And Simple Tattoos

13. Tattoos With Small Design

Simple Tattoos With Small Design

14. Tattoos Across The Back

Simple Tattoos Across The Back

15. Simple Floral Back Tattoo

Simple Floral Back Tattoo

16. Rose Quote

Rose Quote

17. Minimalistic Back Tattoo

Minimalistic Back Tattoo

18. Flower And Cross Tattoo

Flower And Cross Tattoo

19. Floral Arm Tattoo

Floral Arm Tattoo

20. Moon And Stars

Moon And Stars

21. Dragonfly Ink

Dragonfly Ink

22. Floral Wrist Tattoo

Floral Wrist Tattoo

23. Flower And Bandange

Flower And Bandange

24. Dragonfly Wrist Tattoo

Dragonfly Wrist Tattoo

25. Little Paws

Little Paws

If you love these simple tattoos as much as we did, don’t forget to save them for future reference. Aside from stunning tattoos, our site posts a lot about charming manicures, fashionable outfits, and stylist hair ideas. We also offer fabulous skincare tips to help you build your glow-up journey. Follow our site for daily beauty inspos!

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