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30 Breathtaking Burgundy Hair Color Ideas To Make You The Center Of Attention

by Rebecca

When you’re in doubt, always go for burgundy hair colors. Burgundy hair is one of the sexiest styles. It can fit almost every skin tone and rarely goes wrong. There is just something so sultry and romantic about these shades that we can’t seem to get enough off. And what’s a better way to boost your confidence than to look gorgeous and sexy?

So if you’re looking for a new hair color, or want to change your image a little, try burgundy hair colors. Traditional shades are fine, but why now spice it up? We got the best shades of red, purple, and blue on this list. The combinations are so stunning that we guarantee they will make you look beautiful, especially if you’re a natural brunette.

So let’s see which burgundy shade is the best choice for you. Here are 20 breathtaking burgundy, maroon, and wine hair colors that will turn you into the center of the room.

1. Vivid Wine Balayage

2. Red Wine Cool Down

3. Bronzed Ends Maroon Hair

4. Garnet Burgundy Wave

5. Burgundy and Wine

6. Maroon and Red Wine

7. Muted Burgundy Curls

8. Chocolate and Burgundy

9. Wine and Burgundy Marcel

10. Complex Burgundy Sombre

11. Rich Maroon and Cranberry

12. Vivid Burgundy Wave

13. Burgundy Plum Curls

14. Black Cherry Wine Curls

15. Mulled Wine Balayage

16. Chestnut Maroon Balayage

17. Cool Wine Colormelt

18. Bronzed Maroon Colormelt

19. Cranberry Wine Colormelt

20. Maroon and Wine Colormelt

21. Wine-Tipped Maroon Waves

22. Red Wine and Rosé Hair

23. Wind Down with Burgundy Hair

24. Burgundy Bombshell Balayage

25. Burgundy Oil Slick

26. Cabernet Sombre

27. Red Velvet Long Bob

28. Subtle Chocolate Maroon Balayage

29. Brick Red Wine Balayage

30. Dark Witch Waves

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