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10 Tips To Make Fine, Thin Hair Grow More Voluminous

by Rebecca

Tired of lifeless hair that keeps sticking to your scalp? You’ve come to the right post. It’s time we deal with limp locks once and for all. Voluminous hair might seem impossible, but all hope is not lost yet. You can still achieve big, bouncy strands with the right treatments and hairstyles.

Scroll down to find out how to better care for your ultra-fine hair. Here are all the essential tips to add more volume and texture to your scalp without damaging anything. You can lift your roots with the simplest methods down here, so don’t miss out!

1. Keep Product Away From Your Roots

Your roots are very important. Avoid applying unnecessary products to your roots and weighing them down. Always start at the ends and work your way up, unless it’s shampoo. You want to lift your hair roots from your scalp as much as possible. It’s the best way to achieve bouncy locks and avoid lifeless hair.

2. Use Volumizing Shampoo and Conditioner

Speaking of hair products, what you use also affects how your hair looks a lot. If you have ultra-fine hair, shampoos and conditioners with volumizing properties are your best friend. Their formula will help you with product build-up and add a light feeling to your hair. They will also make your hair less dull and appear bouncier.

3. Go Light on Conditioner

Too much of a good thing can be bad for you. Conditioner is necessary for every type of hair, but adding too much conditioner can weigh down your hair and make it stick to your scalp. This is the worst nightmare for people with thin hair, so we want to avoid that at all costs. You shouldn’t over-condition your hair, but you shouldn’t swear off the moisturizing hair product altogether too. Start with a little amount. You can always add more, but you can’t take it away.

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4. Blow-dry Upside Down

A great way to lift your hair roots is to blow drying your hair upside down. This will prevent your hair from sticking to your scalp. When you turn the right side up, the hair has natural volume and looks much bouncier.

5. Don’t Overbrush

Your hair stands are delicate, so treat them delicately. Avoid rough-drying your hair before styling at all costs, and don’t brush your hair while it’s still wet. You should never be aggressive or careless with your hair. Breakage and damaged hair stands are the last things we want. Angle the nozzle toward your roots, and moving it around to distribute the air evenly throughout your hair is the best way to dry your ultra-fine locks.

6. Be Gentle

As we said before, gentleness is the key when it comes to styling thin hair. Rake a section of hair with your fingers and lightly tug it to raise it at the roots. Never be aggressive with your strands, even when your try a “rough-drying” style.

7. Use Your Fingers as a Styling Tool

Your fingers work great as a brush. Using your fingers to comb through your hair can help loosen the curls without causing frizz or fluffiness. After you take your rollers out, massage your scalp and fluff the roots with your hands.

8. Be Patient When Styling

Do not try to rush the styling process. Always make sure that your hair is 100 percent dry before using any hot tools. Styling dry hair means you will have more volume and less hair damage. Plus, your waves are secured much better this way.

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9. Try Layers

Adding layers to your hair is a great way of making it look thicker. With the right haircut, you can build much more volume and save your hair from looking dull and lifeless. Choose the best style for your face shape, and ask your hairdresser for a few light layers. You won’t regret it.

10. Select the Right Cut

Getting the right hairstyle is very important. Not only did it can make your hair appear more voluminous, but the right haircut can also enhance your best features. Shorter styles are great options for people with ultra-fine hair, and so do blunt collarbone-length cuts. These styles won’t weigh your hair down.

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